Action - Move from a secondary project's section to a different section

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Using a set of rules to add item to another project, intending to mirror the state of different sections (ToDo, Doing, Done, etc), the secondary project will not update the section of the task after it’s been moved. The task is initially added to the section designated by the first rule that is run, but subsequent rules (which do indicate they’ve been run) do not change the task’s section.

Steps to reproduce:
Create two projects: “Main” and “Shared”
Create two sections in each: “ToDo” and “Done”
Create a rule in each section of “Main”: trigger=“Moved to a section” ; action=“Add to another project:Shared->[respective section]”
Add task to Main->ToDo, then move to Main->Done
Observe task still in Shared->ToDo

Browser version:
FireFox 104.0.2 x64

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