Account for "non-working" days in a project master calendar (PLEASE!)

Asana’s scheduling limitations do not allow project personnel to account for “non-working” days. Non-working days can be weekends, holidays, PTO, or other days on which the project team and client have agreed that work will not be performed or due.

This feature is needed because many projects measure deliverable timelines in business days, not calendar days. For example: If a final product is due March 31st, 2023 and the client wants a draft product 30 days early, does this mean they expect a product on March 1st, or February 17th? The difference is quite significant.

Asana’s current feature set is disappointing that it doesn’t account for the basic function of allowing a project master calendar to be applied, something which many other project scheduling platforms do out-of-the-box. Thank you for looking int this.

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