Acciendental removal of Main User from Organization


OK, for reasons I was playing around with the idea of using two Organizations for the two sides of my business but in the end decided that I would just use Teams. In the attempt to deactivate the second account (the one I am using to write this) I somehow removed my main admin email from my main organization and when I try to log in it says Asana knows of no such account. The thing is I can still get access to the account via this account as I had invited it during testing but it was not set up to admin so I have no way of inviting my other email back. I am hoping the projects are still there since technically the Organization is. Anyone ever had this happen and been able to get in. I have submitted a help request and waiting to hear back but just wondering if this will be salvageable or do I just start over?


Can you try to contact This is a very personal issue and they might be able to help.


Yes I Submitted a Help Request. I was just seeing if I could get further insight here while I waited for a response.