Accidentally Deprovisioned Myself from Organization


I accidentally deprovisioned myself from my organization. I was able to get back into the organization but every task that was assigned to me now doesn’t have me assigned and I lost all of my personal tasks. Please help! I’m desperate as I had many, many tasks assigned to me and I didn’t have them backed up.

Thank you in advance!


Hi @Oscar_Torres. The only solution I can think of is to run a search for all incomplete tasks that are currently assigned to ‘Nobody’. That’ll give you a list of all unassigned tasks.

This obviously depends on how vigilant other people in your organisation are at assigning tasks, but hopefully that list should pretty much contain all of your tasks.

Let me know how successful that is.


​Thanks for your help. I will try that.​

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Thanks again for your advice Mark. Asana tech support was able to retrieve most of my lost tasks. Everything that was tied to the organization came back but I lost all of my personal tasks. Overall, I’m happy since the bulk of my tasks were within the organization.