Accidentally converted workspace into organization - Convert Back?

Help, I accidentally converted the wrong workspace into an Organization and I want to revert it back so I can convert the right one.

I contacted support yesterday and still haven’t heard back, this is a super urgent issue!

While you are waiting for the support answer, can you elaborate on why you want to rollback? An Organization gives you team for example, that is pretty neat doesn’t it?

Yes it is but not when it’s used for the wrong workspace. Now the workspace I want to use as an organization is showing that my domain name is in use for a personal workspace I accidentally converted.

Hi @Natasia_Martin, welcome to the Forum. I’m really sorry to hear about this trouble. I’m Vanessa, and I work with the Support team. Since this issue requires verification of your personal details, we cannot assist you here in public, but I will be more than happy to assist you via email.

I have located your ticket and replied to your email a couple of minutes ago. Please let me know in case you don’t receive it in the next few minutes. Looking forward to your reply!