Accidentally adding tasks just by clicking blank spaces


I did not mean to be rude, very sorry if you took it that way. I am using this shortcut a lot, and I am using empty tasks a lot as well. Every section has basically an empty task before. I realized a while back thanks to this community that it was not common practice at all. What is the issue of having empty tasks in your case?

Customizing the shortcuts would be great, we have some of them unusable on French keyboard for example, so I :+1: your suggestion.


No worries man, I didn’t take your comment as an insult at all – I was just curious as to how people live with the “empty task” problem. :wink: Not sure I understand what mean with “empty task before”, though – would you mind clarifying? :thinking:

Yeah, I’m also using an international keyboard (swedish) and I saw you supported my issue there – thanks!


Here is an example

Without it, it is all cluttered in my opinion.


Are you saying you are using empty tasks as a separator to add padding before a new section? That’s not really relevant to the described issue, as I’m referring to unintentially creating “empty tasks” due to the clunky keyboard shortcut – that is, issues that you didn’t mean to create.


I do. Then my question is: after a few unintentional creation, people don’t get it and don’t stop using Enter? They are using Enter to “validate” the task in some way?


No, but 99% of the time, I only create one task at the time and the natural behaviour is the press enter in order to “submit” the task. However, this not only submits it, it creates another, empty task as well.


Any news reg. this?


Any news regarding this?


Hi @Oscar_Hillestad and apologies for the late follow-up! You’re completely right, following Asana’s internationalization, we’re having some difficulties with a few of our keyboards shortcut, and I understand where you’re coming from; like @Bastien_Siebman I use a French keyboard and we definitely need to make some improvements.

That said, I’d like to come back to this specific thread in particular. We already have a thread in the Community Forum with 43 votes to this date: Accidentally adding tasks just by clicking blank spaces I have gone ahead and merged your post with this thread and I’d recommend voting on the main thread too. I can’t promise if or when this is something we will change, but rest ensured that we closely monitor all feedback and will take them onboard the day we revisit shortcuts. Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback and give us some context; we really appreciate it!


Currently evaluating Asana for use within our company. When creating an account and using the product for the first time this was the first thing I did (I’m not exaggerating). I literally created a blank task by accident and couldn’t work out how to delete it.

This is the single biggest comment the team mentioned, too. Disappointed to see this is a common issue and the delay taken to respond here, especially as there’s no promise or plan for a fix.


This should at least be an optional setting. Main problem in our case is that we’re using the Asana integration with Slack and everytime someone creates an accidental task, this is notified in our linked channels. Super annoying to say the least.


Agree with everyone else. Now a request for long over a year, this behavior has to go, or at least be an option in settings regarding quick-add immediateness. Common guys, please get this done!


After reading all posts about this… it looks to be an issue since 2012!? I’m a really light-user of Asana and this problem has annoyed me enough to google in hope of finding a solution. Sadly all I found were loads of disgruntled people. If it hasn’t been fixed in 6 years… I doubt it will be any time soon. It’s by and large, a really strange implementation of the enter key. Like ya boy, @Oscar_Hillestad suggested, just switch it to a shift+enter, or a command+enter, or a WHATEVER+enter combination. You know… like any developer under the sun would have done. If you’re a developer of Asana (or like an intern or someone like that) and reading this- just do it, do it today! Screw the ‘proper’ pipeline of development. Sneak in to the code and tuck in a little ‘shift+’. No one will even notice you did anything, but rest assured, thousands will praise your actions. Rebel, intern developer, rebel!


Please please please add a shift to this. The automatic next task is so annoying!


Disable the feature that creates a new blank task when clicking anywhere below a list of tasks. This creates empty records and clutters everything. Leave this to a keyboard “enter” press.


I second that. This is annoying.


Not that annoying as long as you remember that Tab+Backspace deletes tasks. A very easy fix. It’s actually less efficient to have to spend more clicks adding tasks which is more common.


Why do you click there? :thinking: this is a real question, not a troll :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback @Andrew_Jessick and @Patrick_EMIN. We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread. Feel free to had your vote on the main thread as currently votes don’t carry over when threads are merged. :slight_smile:


Sometimes I accidentally create a blank task or subtask. I wish Asana was smart enough to monitor those situations and automatically delete them after so many seconds or minutes.