Accidentally adding tasks just by clicking blank spaces


I can’t believe this bug hasn’t been fixed!? Add a delete button to all tasks in the overview/list display or auto-expire/delete empty tasks after 1min or sth guys… come on, such a simple fix for such an annoying problem.


For anyone looking for a solution - it lies in a keystroke rather than button; click on the empty task and then press TAB+BACKSPACE


For anyone else reading this. Scroll up to the top of the thread and click “Vote” if this annoys you! We currently only have 19 votes and this is certainly a widespread annoyance.


It’s clearly an issue based on how many posts there have been. Is it truly necessary to vote? Get the intern busy on this fix. It’s quite simple. :grin:


Hello, this is also the biggest issue that we encounter on Asana. Please fix it. Thanks.


Yes, as a newbie to Asana, this is my biggest pet-peeves. My first keyboard shortcut I learnt was how to delete tasks!!


I have used asana for less than one month but I have noticed a lot of strange things like chat order, messy inbox, task list to board conversion, subtask in calendar view, deliting atachments and the problem of empty tasks is one of them. I was valutating purchase a subscription but now I see that this problems havent been resolved since years… Does somebody listen to customers here?


This is really annoying. But deleting empty tasks is easy using these hotkeys:


This behaviour is a major source of frustration. It’s not intuitive and doesn’t seem to add any value. Please look into fixing this.


This seem to be a known issue since like forever with many customers expressing annoyance over it. I’m very curious to understand why it is ignored.


+1, I absolutely agree. This is a huge source of frustration.


this is so annoying!


I agree, this is annoying. Please disable the “Enter” = “New Task” function and “Click blank space” = “New Task”

Too many accidental “New Tasks” that require being deleted. This alone makes me second guess using Asana.


Drives. Me. Crazy. Need fixing NOW!


The hotkeys make this a lot less painful, but it’s still an issue we are constantly having to “fix”.


Yup. Its a bit annoying.


Yes this is my only gripe with Asana so far, tasks shouldn’t be saved if they are blank.


This isn’t the first time I’ve become disappointed with your keyboard shortcut implementation, but I think this one is probably the more frustrating of my issues with it: pressing ↵ always creates a new task, even when this is clearly not the result a user expects from pressing the ↵ key. The result is all our projects teeming with empty tasks without owners. I swear this happens to me at least once every minute while working in Asana, and it looks like I’m not alone. Apparently, this has been around all the way since 2012 (based on this tweet). It’s really a shame it hasn’t been fixed / addressed in all that time.

Hijacking ↵ like this is really bad practice (maybe with the exception of chat applications, but even here most apps make this an opt-in feature only). ⇧+↵ would be a much more appropriate keyboard combination to use for this shortcut. Just as easy to use, but without the unintended side effects (thousands of empty tasks getting created and deleted). Alternatively, make this (or every) keyboard shortcut opt-in or toggleable between the ↵ and ⇧+↵ version.

When can we expect improvements on the keyboard shortcuts?


I think this is one of the best shortcut they have! Please do not change it :scream:


@Bastien_Siebman, please enlighten us as to how you avoid unintentionally creating thousands of empty tasks in your projects?

Nevertheless, none of the solutions I suggested was to just blatantly change the shortcut – either let the users that can somehow handle the misery of empty task hell, such as @Bastien_Siebman, actively opt in to using it, or provide the user with a toggle between enter and shift + enter and everyone will be happy.