Accidentally adding tasks just by clicking blank spaces


An annoyance I am coming across hourly with asana is that I often click blank spaces to ensure I am on the right window of my computer… Unfortunately in Asana, this creates a new task - which is great. However, if that task is left blank it remains there. And the next time I click in a blank space, it adds another blank task. Eventually I end up with a list of blank tasks that I have to go through and delete.

Ideally, it would ‘create’ a task if I clicked a blank space, but if there is no information entered into that task, then it would disappear when I click elsewhere…

Very surprised that this is how the tool works as from a UX perspective it is easy to program the other way and is very annoying as a user.

Change keyboard shortcut for new task creation from ↵ to ⇧+↵
Accidental or blank tasks or subtasks
Accidental or blank tasks or subtasks
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Change keyboard shortcut for new task creation from ↵ to ⇧+↵

That’s odd. Are you sure you haven’t accidentally created a bunch of empty tasks and now you’re clicking on them bringing up the task pane?


Thanks for the reply paulminors!

I am sure that’s not the case. Is this not something that others are experiencing? I does seem strange that this would be the default. I am using Chrome on a Mac, so perhaps that is playing into it…


No, I’ve noticed this as well @Adam_Ford. It’s something I’ve learnt to avoid, but I agree that it would be a bit slicker if no info entered = no task created.


Yes I have this annoying problem too. Could some kind person tell me. how to avoid the additional of blank tasks. I have to keep manually deleting them. I use to use Basecamp. Thanks!



This is my one big annoyance with Asana is all these blank/empty tasks everywhere.



This is a real PITA.

You need to get on top of this quickly. It’s not a feature, therefore it’s a …

It has only appeared recently in one of your updates.

To create a task accidentally is one click. To remove it now takes: ‘select task’, select field and then ‘tab-backspace’, then select ‘delete permanently?’, then select ‘delete’, then close the empty frame.

It eats time and is VERY annoying.

Please fix.


Same thing happens when you hit ENTER after adding a task.
And you have to than go into the task and delete it manually.
Which is quite annoying.


I mean… This is so annoying. I am about to change for another programm just because of that.


Ditto. Searching for new app.


Asana, please!! make this a setting that I can disable. I see the utility of it for some people, but for me 99% of the time it ends up creating tasks that I just then have to go manually delete. Thank you!


+1, this is a daily annoyance. There should simply be an option to auto-cancel/delete/ignore tasks that are accidentally created with zero content.


+1 I agree and share your frustration on this one!


Seriously this is the only complain i have with asana, for now i just change all my project lists to kanban view for this annoying issue.


+1 on all of this… new to Asana and I think it is really cool - except for this stone-age issue where the system isn’t smart enough to discard an empty task. It’s difficult to fully adopt the platform with this time-suck issue on an application that should be all about working efficiently.


Is there any response from the Asana team on this very annoying issue?


Clicking on blank space below the tasks and “hit enter to create new task” is really annoying.
A disable for these functions would be awesome.


Agreed. I am new to Asana just this week. Love the product, but have found this to be an annoyance, too.


Agreed here as well, we are just starting to use the product, thinking of going premium but need a solution for this annoyance.

Thank you,


Definitely my biggest issue here. keep thread alive and Asana Staff please reply.