Accidentally adding people to Private Projects



I’ve been using Asana with clients, but remain very concerned about the ability to accidentally tag the wrong user into a private project.

Is there a way to prevent that from happening in settings?

I want to make it watertight so that when I set up a private project, the only people who can be added or tagged are set at the Project level, and can’t be added on the fly to tasks or comments.

Until then, I’m worried that I’ll be collaborating on something confidential and then either myself, or one of my team brings in a person who shouldn’t be allowed to review it, which could be devastating.


That’s a valid concern, I know for guests of organizations they can’t tag anyone that isn’t on the project or team they’ve been invited to, so at least there’s that.

I don’t have any answers to the actual issue though - that of you or other members tagging incorrectly. Curious if others do =)