Accidental deletion of all my projects


I have a number of projects I shared with my team and one of the team members accidentally deleted all my shared projects and also my private projects. Not sure how this happened but we have tried everything in the guide to restore. My folded does not show any deleted projects. The team member who accidentally deleted the projects sent me the link to restore but the link says neither one of us as the permission to restore the file.

What is the best way to restore projects?


Hi @Richard_Buckley. In this case you’ll need to reach out to Asana support so they can do some things behind the scenes. We want to be sure to keep any required private information from you private. So, please reach out to support at and the team will be happy to help!


Thanks Alexis!


Hi Alexis, I have a similar problem where I can’t recover a project that I accidentally deleted.

I have clicked the link in the email I received to undo the deletion, but I receive an error message
"“You do not have access to the deleted project. Are you sure you are logged in to the account that deleted it?”

I am definitely logged in with the same account. I have already sent an email to the support email and I’m waiting for a reply. Is there anything else I can do? How soon should I expect a reply to my email?

Thanks in Advance.