Accessing/merging workspaces across two domains

New Asana user here and haven’t been able to figure out how to best merge workspaces (or if it’s even possible). Unbeknownst to me, my company had an old .co domain that a few employees signed up under and have been using the free version of Asana. After I was hired, I started building out team boards under a paid account registered with our new .com domain. Now all of our dev team is still using the .co account and is not visible to those of us without .co addresses. Any suggestions on how to get the accounts merged together so everything is visible? We no longer need to use the .co domain, if that is relevant, but do need to preserve the data. Thanks in advance for any help!

While you can link the two domains so they’re accessible in one account, the data will be completely separate; you’d just be flipping back and forth from one to the other. That doesn’t sound like what you want. So I think your best bet is to copy the projects from the old domain into the new one, then ditch the old one. You can’t do that in Asana itself, but there is an excellent and free tool that will copy the projects/tasks from one account to the other:

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Maybe the support can merge workspaces… cc @Marie

Apologies, looks like was not using the right terminology. The tool suggested can migrate data between workspaces, but I need to migrate between organizations. It doesn’t appear to let you log in to multiple organizations simultaneously to perform the copy, unless I’m doing something wrong?

From the programming/integration standpoint an organization and a workspace are essentially the same which is probably why it just refers to “workspace” but it should definitely work across organizations.

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Ah, what you’ll probably need to do to access them both is merge the old account into the new one just to do the merge (then you’ll be deleting the old account anyway). Here are instructions: