Accessing calendar from laptop - issues


One of my clients uses Asana from her desktop. However, she constantly travels and it seems each time she logs in to Asana from her laptop the calendar entries on Asana are not there. I’ve been trying to help by setting her up again each time, me logging out and back in again then eventually she seems to be able to see the calendar entries. This is time consuming and for her very frustrating when she is in a different time zone and has to wait for me to come online before she sees the entries. There must be a simpler way - please can you advise. Many thanks


Hi @Fiona_Grundy. Thanks for reaching out! The experience that your client has when she logs into Asana shouldn’t change based on her travel and laptop usage. While time zone may affect time stamps, it shouldn’t affect tasks appearing on her calendar. To clarify, what do you mean by “calendar entries” - are tasks simply not appearing on her calendar? Also, I’m curious as to why your Asana activity would affect her calendar view - is she a guest in your organization/team? Thanks for clarifying. Let’s get to the bottom of this! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your support Alexis. I mentioned the time zone thing because we are currently in different time zones (8 hour difference) and as she doesn’t have access to the calendar entries - (tasks that I have put in the calendar for us both). She has to wait for me to “wake up” before she can check what’s in the calendar with me.

When she logs on from home she sees the tasks, but when logging in from her laptop she doesn’t see anything in the calendar. I have her in Asana as a Member, not a guest. I’m sure the answer is simple but I can’t see what it is.

Thanks again.


Hi @Fiona_Grundy - hmm when you say “When she logs on from home she sees the tasks, but when logging in from her laptop she doesn’t see anything in the calendar” are you referring to her desktop calendar, to a calendar integration such as iCal or Google, or to her Asana calendar? Maybe she’s been using an integration that stopped working.

This could also simply have to do with the types of tasks she’s viewing in her calendar. As a backup plan I suggest that she conducts an advanced search for the types of tasks she’s hoping to view in her calendar. Then, she can view the search results as a Calendar and favorite the search so it appears in her sidebar. When in doubt, she can always click on that saved search to view the Calendar she’s looking for. Do you think this solution would work for you?


Thank you very much Alexis. I’ve put those suggestions to my client and will see what she comes back with. I work on PC and she works on MAC so I was wondering if there was any issue with that. However, this only arises when she is on the move. Thanks again.


Sure thing! I hope this helps. Please let us know if these are successful solutions and/or if you have other questions.