Accessing Advanced Reports through the API

Hey there,

I have setup several advanced reports that look for specific “strings” (contains the words) in the project descriptions of all our tasks.

This enables me to show all tasks that are related to a certain website of ours (contains words:")

I would now like to pull the data from this advanced search report from the API. However, I do not find any suitable function for that. Any ideas?

An alternative way could be a request that allows me to mimic the “Contains the words” field in the advanced search field. Also couldn’t find anything regarding that.

Your help is highly appreciated!


Check out the Search API - it includes full-text search capability:

:sweat_smile: I feel quite stupid right now. Sorry for that!

However, is there a way to combine several text searches like “text.any=sales,marketing”… and so on?

It’s nowhere being documented but there might be a chance…