Access search results by id via API


As far as I see every search result URL contains a unique id - Log in - Asana.

Is there a way to use this id to get search result via API?

There is a Search API which mimics the general functionality of the web application’s search, but the API has no ability to access those specific searches done in the web app that you’re referring to.

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Thank you for the answer! Is the same applicable for home id extracted from the web url? For example - Log in - Asana. What is the meaning of this id?

I’m actually not sure what if any significance that ID has. I suspect it has none in terms of the API but let’s find out - I’m calling in the cavalry… @Joe_Trollo @Jeff_Schneider @Matt_Bramlage, can you weigh in here?

A user’s membership in a workspace is represented by an actual object in our data model. The ID in the URL for your home page in Asana is the ID of that membership object. It doesn’t have any meaning or use in our API, though.

Apparently since yesterday, the search link don’t have this format anymore! Instead they look like this

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