Access right team members

For now I am use the trial version. Is it possible to upgrade guests to level where the can use the same functionality as the owner? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @Andre_Kopp!

You can give your Guest extensive access in Asana, but they won’t be able to edit/create new custom fields or search for them via the Advanced Search. To learn more about it have a look at this article on Guests permissions: and if you have any follow-up questions, please let me know, I’ll be happy to help!

Hi Marie,

I use Asana to share tasks with me project teams and I was under the assumption that they would see / be able to use the same task form as the one I use as admin. Seems this assumption
was wrong. Besides other customs fields I added a field where I expect team members to add the questions.

Perhaps I made a mistake setting up my organization (btw what do you mean with organization), in case yes, what should I do to provide my members full access (I have still 9 seats available)?

Is there an option / a person why remotely can help me to set-up my account.

Help is very much appreciated.



HI Marie,

I read the document you copied me the link. Let me try to explain my catch 22.

Thanks for the follow-up @Andre_Kopp!

If your tasks are organized by project, you can check out to the project member list to quickly see who has access to your project and all tasks it contains.

Guests can fill up custom fields, they just can’t create new ones. So for example in your project, if you have a text custom field called “Questions”, your colleagues will be able to add their questions into this field, but they won’t be able to create a new custom field called “feedback” for example. More info in this article. Note this only applies to Guests :slight_smile:

I believe you have an Organisation, you can learn more about it in this handy article:

We offer mutliple support channels, starting with this Forum :slight_smile: You might also find our Guide and Asana Acadley courses helpful. And if you’re looking for some help to get set up, our Certified Pros might also be able to help, you can find them in this directory:

Hope this helps Andre :slight_smile:

Hi Marie,

To start, thank you (a lot) for your support up to now. Meanwhile 5 of my team members use Asana and we already see the first savings (no mails etc.). To move on, I have some more questions: