Accepted an invite to join my new employers Asana and it wiped my personal Asana projects

I have a freelance business and use Asana. Lately have used with one of my clients. In addition, started a new job and was invited to join the Asana. There were 3 other members. Not sure what I did, but now the other members are gone and under the Company name (team) is my new company email profile and my freelance email profile, but all my freelance projects are gone. How do I separate the 2 different businesses and see my freelance projects.

very grateful for any help

Hello @sirpa_cowell welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

You should be able to switch the organization when you click on your profile on the top right.
Not sure if the new company invited you to a team only though, workspace, org ?

In your specific case I recommend reaching out to Asana support as they have more tools and full insight to your account so they will be able to help in having this sorted.

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