About the teams

I have an organization of 50 people and I have doubts about how many teams I should have.
If I have many users, there is confusion, if I have few all belong to everyone. :anguished:

I think the best thing is to have a team by department in the company and invite specific projects to specific users.

Any suggestions?

If I have many Teams (sorry)

Hi @Javi Welcome to the forum…

I would suggest as a starting point organise your team’s based on your current org structure. That way the way projects are initiated, assigned and managed won’t be any real different to what you have now.

The as you and your team’s get used to the way of working with Asana then change and adapt the team structure based on that input.

The other option could be throw the org structure out and get your Asana Champions and Key Sponsor/Stakeholder together and work out how you want you organisation to work together and structure your teams based on that.



Hola @Javi :wave:t3:

I agree with @Jason_Woods on this one, it will probably be easier to match your current organisation to start with; and this way you will avoid any confusion for your colleagues :slight_smile:

Just in case you missed it, we recently launch our Forum in Spanish :tada: (¡Hola!, Olá, こんにちは! Welcome to our new Community Forums! 🚀) so you can share your Asana experience and ask question in Spanish! No obligation of course, but my colleagues @Emily_Roman and @Cathya, and the rest of our Spanish Community will be more than happy to help!

Have a great day!


Yes, thanks,
I know and I post it in the forum in Spanish. I post a copy here because there are more users.
Thank you


I am reorganizing my teams and simplifying the situation.:man_mechanic: