About Dashboard deprecation


Hi @Patrick_Byrne and thanks for reaching out.
We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread. To learn more about the Progress tab latest updates, have a look at this article.


I don’t know if it helps anyone but to compensate for Dashboards going, I’ve set up a project to capture a lot of the same information. It’s pretty straightforward, with each task representing a project, the project owner and the start/due dates. I’ve added custom fields for things like project status (red, green or amber), development stage (in development or live), overall costs and time spent:

It requires a manual update from all project owners at the end of each month, but so did dashboards; instead of clicking on the Progress tab in their individual projects, everyone posts their updates in the this new project. So far, it’s capturing almost everything that we used to track through dashboards, apart from % complete, which was never really useful to us anyway.

I have this project automatically synced to Google Sheets, which then feeds into a Power BI report that turns it all into tables and charts for the management team.

I’m as disappointed as anyone about Dashboards going, but I’ve found a way around it, and hopefully some of you can do the same.

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How are you syncing a specific project to Google sheets without dashboard and without portfolios?


Hi @Kristian_Sekse

The Google sheet sync is something you have to request from Asana. Our customer success person was able to sort it out for us. It adds a ‘Sync to Google Sheets’ option to export for projects and advanced search reports:


Clicking that option gives you a shareable link, which you paste into a Google Sheet, and the data is imported and synced - the sync is almost instant in some of the tests I’ve done. It syncs all of the same information that you’d get from exporting as a CSV.

Something to bear in mind, however, is that Google Sync is an experimental and unsupported feature, so if it starts glitching, you’re pretty much on your own. It’s also truncated at 250 rows, so you wouldn’t be able to export an enormous project.

I’ve used it in a few instances and it’s proved essential. Worth checking it out if you want an automated option.


Hi @Kristian_Sekse; the sync with Google sheet feature that @Mark_Hudson is referring to is now only available with Portfolios. It is automatically available for all Portfolios and does not need to be enabled manually by our support team anymore!

If you don’t have access to Portfolios, I would recommend to check out this third-party integration

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the clarification, @Marie. :+1:


Just would like to add my discomfort with this change. I understand the need to adapt to the new framework and all, but Dashboards was one of the key values of upgrading to Premium. And now the next best alternative is not available for Premium users, only for more expensive subscriptions.

Team Asana, please reconsider this. Either by making Portfolios available for Premium organizations, or by building a new feature (like Dashboards) that give a high-level, visual picture on how projects are being executed.

As of today, without Dashboards, there is no way to that.


The oversight management using Dashboard was one of the features which sold our organizational leaders on trying Asana. Now this feature has been removed from the our premium plan. I can understand the typical evolution of adding features as an upgrade - many companies do it. However, the price jump is too large for a feature that companies have built their workflows around.


I know I may be late to the bandwagon, but I wanted to say that I believe asana did the wrong thing this time.
I have been a long time user of asana, an Asana Champion, a total nerd and supporter of it, and I think that Portfolios are great, but if every new feature (coming out after removing the alternative) means new, higher pricing, then I feel betrayed. One of my companies is a small company, with two people, and I should pay $1k/year just to upgrade to a feature I could have emulated with a feature that was removed? Sorry, that’s a complete letdown. I look at basecamp and, despite not loving it, I feel much more connected to their ethos, which I thought asana had.

Sorry asana, but this decision is a bad decision in my opinion


There is no such thing as being late to the bandwagon since Asana - unfortunately - didn’t care to reply to the previous posts before neither (if you ignore the typical Copy & Paste template “Sorry to hear that, our sales team would like to discuss your chances with the Business-plan”).


In my company we are very frustated
Wrong move from asana
we cannot change 40 people to premium. I’m ok if i can use the home page with all the projects with date order, like the old Dashboard
I can pay the Portfolio but only for aprt of the company. Only 5 people from 40 are using portfolio feature


Hi Maggie-
Can you add me into the beta program for this functionality?

Thank you,


Hi Colleen. Our integration is now publicly available. You can find out more here:





Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!


Very very disappointed with Asana!!! So many complaints and absolutely no real action on it!


I’m dealing with the same issue. We only have 20 and 3 of us use this feature…so we have to double our yearly cost for a feature that 3 of us use. But the feature is so vital to keep everyone in line. This is a really bottom feeding move by Asana. They should have just come out and said we are doubling the cost of Asana.


Looking at all these responses and no real response from the company is such a let down. My team is about to get on a call with Customer Support this afternoon. I have low expectations for the call as these calls typically revolve around the agent saying “Great Question” and then doing laps around the actual question.

Here is what I want, plain and simple. We will upgrade and pay your cost…but you shouldn’t make the entire company upgrade. The creatives have no use for the features in the upgrade. Yet again, Asana overlooks the fact that project managers and account managers are the demographic…simply because we are outnumbered.

Maybe its time to hire some consultants that can help you see these issues better. I’m available!