About Dashboard deprecation


we’re in the same boat - alternative recommendations appreciated :frowning:


Hello @Maggie_Reddi I’d love to explore the beta program for this as well!


I couldn’t agree more with everyone here-- I feel incredibly duped. It’s such a bait and switch to remove a feature while calling it an improvement, and then to try to get customers to pay MORE to have that feature reinstated. I have been using Asana since 2015 and have been telling people ever since then that it really helped us up-level our business and in particular our project management.

I echo others that have pointed out that of course the entire org isn’t going to use the Dashboard, but it’s integral for those that manage projects! So instead of looking at the numbers and getting only part of the story, please, Asana, listen to your customers.

This feels like some sort of ransom situation-- “give me back my Dashboard!” “NO YOU MUST PAY”

Come on, Asana! You can do better, I know you can.


Well thats me gone. I have been using ASANA to track user submitted web site updates and I just want to see how many are still outstanding. As UK non-profit non-charity there is no way we can afford to pay for premium features. So long and thanks for all the fish…


It would seem to me the main reason you retired dashboards is to make more money. If so thats fine. But don’t lie to us in the user interface. When I go to projects its says my status will still be available. It isn’t unless I pay what for a small voluntary organization is a Kings Ransom. Unless there is some way to see number of outstanding tasks and completed tasks without paying.


Per Marie, you can still create and view all the progress info - the difference is that you have to click into each project. [quote=“Marie, post:67, topic:32690”]
…your premium plan will still give you access to the project progress tab including task count and burn chart + homepage…


I don’t have a premium plan, so I will lose access, but the UI says I won’t…


Also remember when in 2017 they changed their pricing plan, doubling it, and also removing the square brackets hack and replacing it with custom fields, in the paying plan. And they are now travelling the world “teaching” how to to build corporate morality.


Hi Maggie,

This looks amazing! I’ve been regularly checking the Data Studio community connectors list for a while in the hope that an Asana option would appear so this is very exciting.

If you’d like another beta tester I’d be eager to give it a try :slight_smile:



If you’re desperate to get a high level view on your Asana data, there’s also the Screenful Dashboard for Asana which can provide an overview for the list of projects along with the number of tasks not started / in progress / done. You can also see metrics such as how many tasks were completed on time vs overdue, and how long tasks stay in progress on average.

You can see more screenshots here.


+1 for this betrayal. Our team are very disappointed that a useful feature is being removed and replaced by feature we will have to pay extra for (which we simply won’t, instead we’ll look at Asana alternatives). Many have talked of how the 99% of people not using dashboards is a useless argument, which it is, it all depends on the user, their job function, and how their day to day routine works. Great way to anger your customers Asana.


You can’t take dashboards away only to replace them with a feature on a tier that is twice the price. Premium is no longer premium. Please add dashboards to the premium tier, otherwise i’ll migrate my organisation to Getflow.