About Dashboard deprecation


Wow, I am not alone in my surprise with Portfolios (Dashboards) becoming 2x times expensive. I see following options for Asana, Inc.:

  • Grandfather it to all premium users (like Asana did in the past). This approach made me recommend Asana more (just because of loyality I got through the attitude I had.)
  • Introduce Individual Business plan upgrade (in addition to team and organization scopes), to allow only executives/top management use the features
  • Offer “Business” Team upgrade scope
  • Lower pricing of Business tier

I’d alredy seen the proposals to prolong the duration of Portfolio trial to 3 months, and we can consider it to be time-limited grandfathering approach (mentioned above). And this can be appropriate in the case if Business tier would have much more features (besides Portfolios).

I.e. if Asana is planning to add these features to Business tier through 2019, then something like Business-level tier trialing by the end of 2019 for all current Premium users would work for all budgeting schemes, and will smooth-out the transition to the plan or will let people to adapt themselves to live without the “Business” featuers. It would definitely require extra “trial” visuals and additional messaging to customers to make them clearly understand that feature is not permanent, and one is expected to pay for it in 2020+.

Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business

I didn’t try it yet, but looks like portfolio is a more functional tool than dashboards.

I think most of the customers are not frustrated so much about new tool, as the changes are on most part for the good, they are frustrated because of the unethical way ASANA is pushing this change through their customer’s throat, forcing already premium customers to pay twice as much for a future that was already there (in more simplistic form).
I believe customers are the ones that have to decide if twice the price is worth the value of additional functionality of improved tool or not.

If ASANA doesn’t take in consideration their customers feedback on the price change than they just think that they have enough value to double their prices and the customers will swallow it and stay, and probably most will, but the taste it leaves in their mouth will change their trust in ASANA, and what can be expected from it in the future.


Thank you for the tip @Marie, I didn’t saw that yet.

But what happens with the 3 dots after 1 Dec? From that date I have nothing! What is the compensation for the Premium account. Are you lowering the price for Premium, as we get less value for our money?


No worries, always happy to help!

After December 1st, the Dashboard feature will be deprecated; although your premium plan will still give you access to the project progress tab including task count and burn chart + homepage. We’re also launching a new Portfolio feature as part of our new Business plan.

The main reason why we have decided to deprecate Dashboard is that our researches have shown that 99% of our users (both free and premium) did not open their Dashboard in the last month and that over 80% of total users actually never created a Dashboard altogether. As I explained in this post, on a more technical side, Dashboards were built based on a framework that we no longer work with (learn more here ), so instead of re-building a feature that was not leveraged by most of our users, we decided to build a new tool, inspired by Dashboards, but much more powerful.

We are aware that this change will impact some of our customers, and have several things in place to help these customers transitioning to the plan that suits their team/org best. I would recommend any user in this situation to reach out to our Sales Team who will be able to assist you with this transition.

Hope this helps!


But that’s just the whole point! You remove Dashboard for the Premium Plan, and we got nothing in return. I am not interested in another (far to expensive) plan. I am interested what you have for the Premium Plan.

I agree that Dashboard was limited. We used it problably once a month during our staff meetings. An upgrade was desired. But we (Premium Plan) don’t get an update. We get nothing in return! And that is just not fair to your customers.


Something I don’t understand: Everywhere on the forums you are saying that Dashboards are being deprecated, but my Asana interface (free tier) is also telling me that Project Progress is going to become a Premium feature (in fact, it says it will become a Premium feature on Nov 1, but today is Nov 1 and I seem to still have access to it).

Can you explain to me exactly what this means for my org? We didn’t use Dashboards or the progress graph (i.e. X% of tasks completed), but we use Project Status Updates (the text field) pretty heavily. Will I not be able to use that anymore? Will upgrading to Premium (which we were toying with doing anyway) give me the exact same functionality I have now? Thanks.


Hi all - my apologies if this is in the wrong thread but comments about the retirement of dashboards and, with it, the retirement of the Google Sheet integration from the Premium Asana plan, are somewhat all over the forum.

I did a comparison today on what new pieces of data are exporting to Google Sheets from my portfolios trial. When I contacted sales and asked if they are improving or changing the sheets integration they gave a somewhat vague “it’s better now!” answer. So if you are curious, here is what additional data points Portfolios exports to Google Sheets that dashboard did NOT export.

  • All the columns of LIVE DATA that you got as part of Dashboard are still there
    PLUS the following (per project obviously):
  • Incomplete Sections (total #)
  • Incomplete tasks in each section (each section its own column with a total # below it)
  • Latest due date in each section (each section its own column with a single date below it)
  • Incomplete tasks by assignee (each assignee gets a column with a total count)
  • Tasks completed in the last week by assignee (each assignee gets a column - interestingly even deactivated users show up in their own column here)

The sheet still refreshes once an hour / the structure of it out of the box remains the same.

You could in theory build some reports on productivity now that you couldn’t before. if you have a quota for x number social media posts a week, or filling x number of orders with each order a task, that last column be helpful. In my world it’s pretty irrelevant if I finish 2 tasks this week and 10 next week - the tasks aren’t the same size of effort.

Thoughts on converting my dashboard to portfolio

I was using mostly vlookup type formulas to pull data from the LIVE FEED tab into other tabs in my Google workbook, such as our One Page Strategic Plan. So it wasn’t too bad to convert what I had to Portfolios because the project names themselves haven’t changed, and thus my vlookups still work. And yes…this is an annoying way to do this because if someone changes a project name in Asana I have to fix my lookups, but it doesn’t happen very often thankfully. Actually as I type this I’m thinking I should have done it by project URL as the vlookup field, not the project name (harder to double check you’re pulling the right data point as you go but more stable).

But Asana…seriously you are messing up this pricing change rollout

I have to STRONGLY agree with every single person on this thread and others. You are handling the rollout of this price change really poorly. I use a service called LastPass (wonderful - go try it!). When they changed their pricing structure, they gave me a whole YEAR of the old pricing before the new one kicked in. And that wasn’t even a 50% increase like you are doing from Premium > Business. And they didn’t take away features from me. And the messaged the hell out of that change.

I honestly don’t use the Google sheet often enough that I think I would double what we pay for Asana right now.


“… 99% of our users (both free and premium) did not open their Dashboard in the last month and that over 80% of total users actually never created a Dashboard altogether.”

That’s like saying, “99% of your football team doesn’t pass the ball so we removed your quarterback.”

This isn’t a new feature, it’s the evolution of a feature we already had. IMO Portfolios is to Dashboards what List layout is to Board layout. And while we’re on the subject, please don’t remove List layout and put it into the Business tier!).


I agree Portfolios will be much better than Dashboards but feel duped that Portfolios will not be included in the Premium membership I originally paid for that did include this reporting feature.

I don’t feel Homescreen will come close to replacing even the retiring Dashboard feature and I see if I wish to have Portfolios I would be forced to pay DOUBLE current price per user for it.

Could Asana consider grandfathering in existing Premium users who paid for Dashboard to have the Portfolio feature in their Premium membership? Or change the features in Premium to have a basic Portfolios with some advanced options at the Business Plan level?

As it is, it feels like a feature we paid for is being taken away with no consideration.


Hi @Madeline_Morrison,

No worries Madeline, as a free user you will still have access to the project status update feature (https://asana.com/guide/help/projects/progress#gl-status); however the “Progress” tab (including task count + graph) will become a premium feature. Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Ability to see project progress in Free Version

Just can’t believe it.

Even a little used feature can be crucial. Think of an ejector seat.

Cheeky doesn’t even begin to describe it. The news for premium users isn’t good - “useful feature removed, supposedly better replacement costs double - and if you don’t like it, well we’ll just tell you how excited we are for our ‘‘enterprise’’ customers.”

We can’t just pick up and move to Monday or Scoro, but we have contacted them again to ask if they do this sort of unwanted upselling or doubling of rates. Funnily enough, they said no.

What I won’t be doing is recommending Asana to anyone else, because even though it’s still really good, this kind of behaviour is antithetical to trust and evangelism.

What a shame, what a fumble.


Total bungle. Woof. We’re also gonna move to another tool (ActiveCollab? Ora? ClickUp?) in the new year.


Another workaround to consider, we are building a connector between Google Data Studio and Asana. We’re going through the approval process with Google at the moment to get our connector listed on their site, but we have been able to create similar reports via their reporting platform. See below for a screenshot.

You can also play around with an interactive version here: https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/1pY2fwHEfZAie4dsFbmn9WeukUXa8bbYz/page/ZdIb

For anyone interested, please send me a note and I can get you into a beta program for this functionality.

Team Reporting Options

This thinking is going in the wrong direction. Just because the majority of the users don’t use a feature it doesn’t mean you remove the feature, it means you improve the feature!

You guys are doing the improvement with portfolios but then instead of giving your premium users a better tool they will use more often you are going to move it to your enterprise customers only making Asana a less functional and more expensive tool… not a great strategy.


Hello Maggie,

I would like to be added to the beta program, when available,
Thanks in advance



I understand updates/upgrades to better enhance the usability of a product, however, doubling the price to access a feature that was previously included in a lower tier – please explain the rationale. And, then on top of it, every day for about a month, we have been reminded that Dashboards are going away DECEMBER 1st to be replaced by Portfolios. So, why, since at least November 1st, are Portfolios now on my sidebar and Dashboards are gone? I realize that I can still access Dashboards, but again, Portfolios have become primary and I must click again to change back to Dashboards Classics EVERY TIME I need to access it, which by the way is frequent since we use the dashboard a lot (in case you didn’t realize)!!

We moved to Asana about 8 months ago and in that time, while we have loved the transition from our previous program, the absolutely most frustrating thing has been the number of changes, the ones you call upgrades, both big and small. They seem random and sporadic, with little notice that something will be new or changed.

No one likes change but can adapt if I feel like you haven’t updated and made the product less functional just for the opportunity to charge a premium cost, with a change to your payment structure.

I look forward to hearing your rationale, as well as how others feel about it.


Thanks for reaching out on the Forum and my sincere apologies for the trouble @Sandy_Friedman. We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread. I’d recommend checking this post in particular which give you insights into the main reasons which led us to make this decision.


To say 99% is such a ridiculous statement. How many total users are Account or Project Managers. I am one of 3 project managers at my agency and we are outnumbered by other creatives. We make up maybe 10% of our organization. So of course the other creatives wouldn’t be using the dashboard as they work off of task lists.


I agree totally with JesseG’s comment - it will rarely be the case that most users need the organization-level overview provided by a Dashboard. Most users can work out of My Tasks most of the time. The small number of us - program managers or product managers or department heads typically - who DO spend a lot of time in the Dashboard are doing it on behalf of the whole organization.

I’d like to also point out that the tools were not given to make it easy for every user to access Dashboard - such as permitting creation of a global Dashboard by the program manager. There shouldn’t be an expectation that every user must be capable in and active in every feature for that feature to be important. That Dashboard was limited to a single Dashboard per person, created individually by each and every user with no possibility of sharing, inevitably limited its use. No matter how easy a Dashboard is to create - and it is quite easy IMO - there are numerous users who can’t even take that step as they don’t spend the time in Asana for that to make sense. The easier fix would have been to simply fix those flaws in Dashboard, rather than eliminate it.

I’m a Premium user at a 22-person company. I’d like to try out Portfolios but I honestly can’t even bring myself to suggest an upcharge like this without knowing the value and any limitations. More importantly, if I choose Portfolios, and spend time developing and finetuning them, plus get my whole team trained, I’m concerned that Portfolios too may be deemed underused and deleted.


I think you’re missing the point of the dashboards from a company standpoint.

The majority of users WON’T need to view all projects within the company as they will only be working on 1 or 2 projects.

BUT The Project Managers WILL!!

They’re the ONLY people who benefit from dashboards because they need to see all the company projects in 1 view.

It’s a redundant function for the majority of users, yet you expect us to pay double for a function that they’re not going to use and you KNOW they don’t use!

That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

In fact, it makes me view Asana’s decision with even more frustration!!