Ability to View My Goals?

Is there a view where a user can see just the goals assigned to them?

We’re running into some issues where goals are sometimes created, but not assigned to a team/workspace, but are assigned to a user. As a result, the user sees the task in their Inbox when initially assigned, but if they don’t go in and then also assign the task to a team they have access to, it won’t show up in the ‘Goals’ view.

What I’d really like is for a user to be able to see all tasks assigned to them, regardless of what team/workspace they are assigned. We have a few employees who work across departments/teams and might have ownership of goals in multiple workspaces.

Another benefit of a ‘My Goals’ view is that they could see all goals assigned to them, across teams, without having to jump back/forth toggling between workspaces on the Goals view.

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