Ability to view assigned SUBTASKS in Portfolio>Workload

If it wouldn’t lead to a section having over a hundred tasks at any given time that would be an option. But due to the amount of languages we support it just isn’t feasible to have the sub tasks live in multiple places as visually it would make our board very messy. We follow a kanban approach for our work, so it would put those tasks outside of the regular tracking of the work.

But appreciate the tip!

Thé section can be hidden at the bottom or the column all the way to the right (you can even create empty columns to really hide it away) :grinning:

Bastien, could your workaround automation code work to multi-home the subtask into a different project?

Yes no problem :ok_hand:

Hi Rebecca, excited to hear the improvements for subtasks.
Do you have an update on what these improvements might be, and/or when we can hope to hear an update?

I am also in the same boat as most folks here… we want to be able to see sub task efforts in our Portfolio - Workload view, without having to create duplicate tasks or workarounds.

Continuing the discussion from You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list!: do you have any plans to implement possibility to include subtasks custom fields to total effort from specific user on Workload view?

We’re using the Workload and custom field for hourly estimates, and on Workload view we only see the total hours from top-level tasks without subtasks.


I am just here to add my vote for this feature. We were pretty mmmmm… amazed that it works the way it does. Had assumed all along otherwise.

@Rebecca_McGrath - Hey Rebecca! Checking in on this one quick. I am hoping and praying that Asana has some updates on this request, as subtasks were finally added to the project timeline. I’m hoping this means there is a plan in the works to add subtasks to the workload tab on Portfolios. This feature would be absolutely essential for us to be able to plan and schedule resources for our projects. Right now we have project managers manually doing this work in a spreadsheet. :disappointed:

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

(FYI, having duplicate tasks for all subtasks so it shows in workload is not an option for us…)


what about multi-homing subtasks in a special project you also add to your portfolio? (waiting for a better workaround)

@Bastien_Siebman - Thanks for the follow-up!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for us either. We break out project boards down by client, and to have one board that holds duplicate tasks to represent all subtasks makes it impossible to view work on the workload board by user and then client. It limits our ability to get the full picture. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You can also multi-home subtasks within their own project, in a section at the bottom. It works for Workload, and doesn’t impact too much the project view.

Where is this functionality at as I don’t see it on the subtask view? I wanted to test to see what this looked like.

The field is hidden: you need to either us the … menu or use Tab+P

Curious if there is a way to do that at scale?

We have an editorial calendar project, where every new article that gets assigned is a task. Within each task, we have a standard set of subtasks for every step of production (first draft, review, second draft, publish, etc.)

What I really need is a rule so that whenever a task is added to this project, the subtasks are automatically added to the project but I’m not seeing the ability to do that. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough?


Yes, that’s available!

You’d want to use the Action: Create new > Subtasks:


We have a task template that adds these sub tasks already, so I’d just need to automate the step of having the sub tasks added to the project.

I think I misunderstood your question.

So I think you’re not asking how to add subtasks to a task, but rather how to make subtasks have a membership in the project.

Since you already have a task template, you can edit each task template subtask, type Tab+P, specify the project there, and you’re set. You may first want to create a Hidden Subtasks section at the bottom of the project and keep it collapsed, and home the subtasks directly into that section.

Hope that helps,


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Subtasks still do not show up in workload. This is needed.
They also still do not carry over Project information into the MyTasks field, etc.
When will this feature be available?

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I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread.

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Can someone from Asana tell us whether this is in the pipeline at all? It would be good to know if you’re working on this. I’m new to Asana, but have just discovered subtasks don’t flow into Workload. This is massively disappointing for us as we use forms for internal customers to submit job requests that come into Asana as tasks. Each job then has smaller parts that take a separate amount of time to work on - which we need to have an overview of in Workload. Seems a crucial bit of functionality that’s been missed.

Converting a task from the form to a project also doesn’t seem to be a viable option because all the custom fields populated from the form to the task don’t carry across to the project in a usable format.

If anyone has a workaround I’d love to know it, without it meaning we have to do more work than needed.