Ability to view assigned projects on tasks, even when not on the project



When I add a task to a project (or to multiple projects), the project assignments are not visible to people who are not on those projects. So when they view the task, they do not see what project it is assigned to.

This is frustrating behavior, because it means that the users who have visibility into the task because they are followers are unable to see that the task has been added to a project. I fully get that they should not be able to see the rest of the project content, or see the project in their sidebar, but I think they should at least be able to see which project the task is in.

Here’s the most common condition where it occurs: someone adds a task to my team’s incoming queue project. We assess the task, and move it to whatever project it applies to. Let’s call that Project A. The person submitting the task (or anyone else following the task) then looks at the task, but can’t see that it was added to Project A, and winds up adding a comment saying, “this task should be in Project A” and we have to reply and say “it already is.” I don’t think they should gain visibility into Project A, but rather just see that the task they have visibility on is assigned to Project A.


Yes I second that request.


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Don’t you think it would be risky to let people see the project title? What if you have a list of employees as tasks, and someone from HR adds one employee to the “Fired soon” project? :sweat_smile: #fake #example


Yes, it very much could be risky! Fake example, yes, but you’re right that there will indeed be cases where this is a bad idea because of how a company uses Asana in their own day-to-day, but just as equally there are cases where this is a good idea. Tags, for instance, are visible to everyone. So if I tag something with “fired soon,” that same risk is there. To me, exposing a project’s name is no more confidential than exposing the tags, which is already being done.

When you consider what the nature of a company’s projects are, the part that is usually confidential is the content and visibility into tasks, not the name of the project. When a project is highly confidential, the standard PM practice is to obfuscate the project’s name using a code name. Like Project Orion or something. With that being fairly standard, I can’t think of a legitimate reason to hide which project a task is part of, that is a universal standard across PM circles. Even if there were an option to let an organization choose whether the project name can appear across tasks would be great, as this satisfies both realms. I know that Asana isn’t big of having corporate individual settings, and instead focuses on broad features, but there are some cases where you just can’t escape the need for 50.1% of the users to want it one way and 49.9% to want it another way.


Is the Project name not shown on a Task for public and private Projects?
Does it make a difference if the Team is public or not?

If it’s a public Project in a public Team users can already see the Project name and I don’t see why they should be members of the Project to see the Project name in the Task.


If the project is private, the project assignment only appears to people who are following the task AND are members of the project it’s assigned to.
If the project is public to a team, the project assignment appears for anyone who is following the task or is part of the team.
If the task has a follower who is not on the project that the task is assigned to, and is not part of the team that the project is assigned to, then the follower cannot see that the task is assigned to a project at all. They can see, and interact with the task, and even add it to other projects, but they cannot see the project it’s assigned to that they don’t have visibility on.


That makes sense. If it’s a private Project and the user isn’t a member of the Project, they shouldn’t know the name of the Project or anything else about it that they aren’t being directly included on.

Again, that makes sense. The user can already see the Project exists and the Project name, so it should be displayed in the Task.

In this scenario are the Team and Project public?


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