Ability to type in Due Date


It would be good if the Due Date could be typed in directly. Currently you need to open the calendar pop-up, scroll through the months, and click on the calendar day. The calendar always defaults to the current month. For long term project planning, I enter many subtasks and assign a Due Date to each of them. It would make data entry easier if the date could just be typed directly into a box, like “9/15/2017”.

Thank you


You can press tab+d and enter the date like that, however it’s not a work around for subtasks unless you’re actually in the subtask’s main view (vs the main task, look at the subtask titles).


I never actually realized… mind = blown :smiley:


I was going to open new topic about this feature. Big +1 for this. Tab+D is not workaround here because hours and minutes should still be set by mouse which means slow process.

Ideal workaround for me would be Google Calendar type solution. Task title would be “10:15 meeting with someone”.


As an indirect solution, I discovered instagantt.com which is tightly integrated with Asana and provides a lot of traditional project management capabilities like setting Start Date, End Date, estimated duration, etc. For long term planning, it is convenient to work within instagantt, and it pushes the End Dates back to Asana.


Thank you for this tip! Awesome little program.