Ability to trial Custom Fields & Mark as Waiting for



I use Asana as my personal GTD, plus organising stuff around the home. So am very happy using the Free Version of Asana… However I think (Hope) that utilising Custom Fields & Mark as Waiting on would be of benefit. Is there some way I can play with these for a bit to confirm the benefit then move to Premium plan?


@Woodsysnr I agree with you on this. To have a trial period for the Premium features would be beneficial. I had to subscribe to the cheapest plan (5 seats) just to see if the added features are worth it. And now we are still subscribed and using them. :smile:



We had the same issue. Been using the free version for ages now but wasn’t sure if the premium version was worth the money. I spoke to the support team and they said to sign up for 1 month to try it out and then you can cancel.


@Woodsysnr Glad you’re interested! I personally think custom fields and dependencies are super helpful, especially when there’s a time crunch and we need to keep things at a steady pace.

We suggest that you start with a monthly premium option if you want to try out the features for a month or so. I’ve let my team know you’re curious about this and they’ll reach out to you with more information to help you determine how you’d like to proceed.


Thanks @Alexis & @RyanScollon Will have a look at signing up for 1 month. Will need to work out how to get the best out of trial.


@Woodsysnr Happy to help! Please let us know when you’ve started your first month and the group here will have plenty of tips for how to make the most of the experience.

In the meantime, for maximum value of your first month on premium, I recommend first looking at this overview of the functionality you’ll have access to and also this [“Expand with Asana” checklist](https://asana.com/guide/expand/workflows/track-work-in-asana#close ““Expand with Asana” checklist”) from the Guide, which will walk you through some steps to get you more acquainted with Asana premium. Overall, I think the team here has done a great job with creating resources to guide customers through the product. I suppose that’s why they call it the Guide! :tongue:


@Alexis the guide indeed helps. However, from my point of view, first hand experience is always better. Similar to food, (usually for pastries) there’s free taste; for clothes, you can fit them beforehand. :smiley:


@jallensantos Ah yes, a universal truth. :slight_smile: There’s nothing like experiencing something yourself.