Ability to Share Rules between Projects

It would be great if we could share RULES between projects, the same way we can share custom fields (i.e. maybe a ‘rules library’ like the ‘attributes library’). I create rules in a project template which is good when create new projects with that template. But once there are a bunch of projects in play, a change that could benefit from a rule or rule change must be made individually in every project.

For example, I have a custom status attribute, and selecting a status moves the task to a different section in the project. If I add a new status to the attribute list, it appears for every project that uses that attribute. If I want to trigger a move by selecting that status, like all the other ones already in place, I have to manually create a new rule based in that status in every project that I had created from the original template (I also have to add the new rule to the template for future projects). It would be a lot more efficient if I could create the rule in a library and then add it to existing projects.