Ability to see Dependencies on mobile

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Thanks for reaching out! I can confirm that this feature is currently working as expected for mobile. While a blocking icon does appear on the desktop version of Asana, you can still proceed to complete these dependent tasks by clicking Mark complete and then Mark complete again on the pop-up that notifies you this task is currently being blocked.

This pop-up however, is not available on mobile at this time. Hopefully this is something our Product team can introduce for mobile dependencies in the future! :slight_smile:

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Oh. That feature… isn’t very useful then since most work is done via mobile. Wish I hadn’t sold the client so much on how great it was you couldn’t proceed. That really should be viewed as a bug given that functionality varies so strongly between mobile and desktop.

Good day,

1.) I found an old post from years ago about this, but we have the following problem:

We work a lot with dependencies. So that employees are forced to check off SUBTASKS before the parent tasks can be checked off, so that no one can overlook those subtasks.

Unfortunately, these dependencies do not work in the mobile app (Tested for us with the IOS app). When we create a new task and add dependencies to various items, there (on desktop) is no check icon in front of the task, but this other icon “waiting for 1 more task”.

In the IOS app, however, this is all ignored, there all tasks just show up normally with a check icon and could be checked off WHILE there are dependencies. An employee could now simply check off everything, regardless of whether he has checked off the subtasks.

Is this a bug or would one have to upgrade the account for this feature? I just can’t imagine a digital company like Asana, forgetting or not including such a feature. There are posts from three years ago where users bring this up - that can’t be true, can it? Especially for such an elementary thing. I mean, this is an absolute basic requirement. We have tasks that MUST be completed by employees via mobile app (otherwise not possible). And in order to avoid such mistakes and to create various dependencies, we introduced Asana.

2.1) In the mobile overview, I can’t have my tags show up either. I can’t activate them in the overview and I can’t see them. So mobile the tags are just not there in the table overview.

2.2.) And if I have created a tag and then want to assign it, I can’t find an overview or similar which tags exist. Should each employee remember all tags or try the whole alphabet to see which tags exist or what is the idea? One would like to create tags and these are then to be used by the team. But for this you would have to have an overview when you click on “Tags” in the overview and see which tags exist at all. For me, they only appear when I enter a letter…

I hope you understand what I mean and someone can help me. Is just a really huge problem.

For other tips I would also be really grateful, we just despair a little. Otherwise, Asana is really awesome!

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, @Jens_Handierk! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Ability to see Dependencies on mobile to consolidate feedback.

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to see if a task is blocked by another task on mobile. I’ve gone ahead and escalated this to our product team and hopefully we can implement it in the near future. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any news.

In regards to Tags, I recommend you upvoting for this feature here: Show Tags on Mobile. We don’t have immediate plans to implement this option but I will also share it with our product team so they can consider it in future updates!

Today we checked. If we used the dependecy function on dektop - on asana mobile IOS App it isnt blocked. We can check up though there is a dependence

Is there any updates or plans on fixing these issues in 2022? Since this is a paid feature it’s pretty upsetting that it’s still not working properly and not being prioritized.

Currently icons in the task list don’t properly show the “Blocked” icon. As well, the “Blocking” text doesn’t appear on mobile either (When viewing a task that is blocking another task). You also can not set these or modify them on mobile.

Hi @Emily_Roman

This bug affects Asana’s feasibility for most of the business units in my organization. What’s the timeline for fixing this?

Many thanks in advance

Yes, this is still a problem for us as well. We are a construction company and are not sitting at computers all day so we use Asana MOSTLY in the field on mobile devices. Unfortunately this is where dependencies become all but non-existent. Since the mobile app doesn’t visually display dependencies, nor does it prevent people from marking dependent tasks as complete (No pop-up message, no alert or warning,) It is treated as a normal task and can be completed as such. Unfortunately this essentially renders dependencies altogether ineffective. Hopefully this feature along with others are addressed and improved in the mobile apps soon, leading to much better functionality in the field.

Any progress on this? I’m just starting to use Asana and it would be extremely annoying if I have to use the desktop website to add dependencies to tasks.

It’s nice to see that the Icons are properly showing up now in the task list.

Is being able to modify dependencies and seeing “Blocking” tasks on the roadmap anytime soon for mobile?

Hi everyone! Thank you very much for your feedback! :tada:
We are happy to share that we recently released the feature to mark tasks as dependent on mobile apps both Android and iOS.

With this feature, users can mark a task dependent on another task. Once this is done, the task will show up as blocked by the dependent task. This behavior mirrors the behavior on the web. (Asana Guide)

:camera_flash: Screenshots:

:thinking: :face_with_peeking_eye: Questions we’re expecting to hear:

  • Can we make multiple dependencies for one task on mobile?: Yes!
  • Does this feature make a task both blocking and blocked task?: Not both only blocked by. Users can only make task A as dependent on task B which means task A is blocked by task B.
  • Can we remove the dependency on the mobile app?: Yes!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Awesome to see progress has been made on fixing this issue, although it definitely is only a half-fix in this current iteration! Why is it that we can’t view “Blocking” tasks on mobile? This update allows us to see the “Blocked By” task but not the “Blocking” task.

Or said another way, say you have “Task 1” which is dependent/blocked by “Task 2”. On PC if you go to “Task 2” it shows you that it’s currently blocking “Task 1”, whereas on mobile it does not even with this update.

This functionality is crucial as it shows people when a task is hanging up another task. We would greatly appreciate it if this could be included in the mobile app to better mirror the functionality when using the website/desktop app!

Hi, @Mr.Numbers Thank you for your feedback for this update :slight_smile: I will pass your comment to the product team.

Any updates regarding my feedback? Notice this task is going to auto-close, should I make a new task, or is there any way to get confirmation if the issue is at least planned to be resolved at some point?

Hi @Mr.Numbers, Thank you for the message. I haven’t heard any future updates for your request from the product team yet. It would be nice if you can create a separate product feedback Thank you!

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