Ability to search when underscore exists in task name

We need underscores in our task names (eg: ID027_VSA2424_mis)
When I do a search for vsa2424 is doesn’t find the task. Only if I take out the underscore from the task name will it find it in a search. This is not good.

In any other program (notepad, word, etc) that you search for vsa2424 even though there is a following underscore, they will find it. Why can’t asana find it with a leading or following underscore?

We need the search to have the ability to find words even that are “NOT matched” perfectly. So it should be able to find words even if there is a leading or following underscore (or dash) in the task name.

Hi @RoundRocks, thanks for reaching out!

We have a similar thread on this topic, please find more details in the answer below:

I’ve gone ahead and move this thread to our #productfeedback category to allow other users to upvote and support this feature. I’ll let you know if we have any plans to implement this in the future. Thanks for your feedback!

Our Team has confirmed that this is not a Bug but actually an expected behavior since our search engine treats the “_” as a word character rather than a delimiter.


Even the ASANA FORUMS don’t consider “_” as a word and let us search for words after an underscore, so why can’t we do this too?

Please allow searching for words following an underscore! As of this moment, we can’t search for ANY task, as all of our tasks are named with underscores. This is VERY frustrating and would only take one simple code addition (str.includes) to implement this in your search functionality.

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