Ability to search by sections in My Tasks

As a manager, when new time sensitive work comes in and I need to assign it out to a team member I’d love to see what they’ve chosen to work on in a given day. This would let me asses “Person A is working on really intense heads down work that I probably shouldn’t interrupt, but Person B is doing a clean up day with a bunch of small tasks”.

Filtering on the due date doesn’t work here because in a perfect world people aren’t waiting right up until the do date to do work, so filtering on the due date doesn’t tell us what they’re working on this day. But the Today view in MyTasks should correspond to what the individual has actually chosen to work on in a given day.

This should be searchable.

Don’t worry too much, the My Tasks view is about to change and Today will be gone (unless the user wants to create a Today section themselves)

So as a manager, will there be a way I can find out out what work the people on my team have prioritized for their day?

I’m a little disappointed that Today view is going away as it’s a key feature to how our users use the tool…

That depends on how your people prioritize. Some people have their own, board, some others work from decreasing due date order… Maybe you can define that internaly!

There are a million ways to prioritize. But “what I plan to do today” seems so fundamental that it seems really short-sighted to do away with it. Removing something this fundamental and saying “you should go through hoops to rebuild it yourself” is pretty tone deaf when talking to an unhappy customer…

Good design gives you flexibility where needed (which is what I’m assuming you all are going after in this redesign) but good design is also about sensible defaults so that you don’t force users to manage complexity to get ‘the obvious thing’. I have a hard time imagining something more obvious for a task management software than “identifying the things I’m hoping to accomplish today”…

Asana is changing My Tasks to give more flexibility. Ask your employees to all create a “Today” section and you are good to go :slight_smile:

Will an individual users “MyTask” sections be searchable/filterable by other team members?

We are not sure what the MyTasks view will look like, so I am not sure yet.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Matthew_McLaughlin! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to filter or search by sections in My Tasks. If you want to see what tasks your reports have in their Today section in My Tasks, you can search by their name and see their My Tasks list. Please ensure you request access to their My Tasks if you also want to manage or organize their lists.

We’ll make sure to post an update in this thread once we have an update about this feature!

Thanks Emily. I want to reiterate the use case because it’s not about micromanaging someone else’s my tasks - it’s about having visibility (something I know is a core Asana concern) into what the whole team is doing in a given day.

As a manager, yes, I could set myself up as a delegate for each of my user’s MyTasks. But absent the ability to search on it, I’d still be going one by one through my team’s MyTasks to figure out what they’re all focused on for the day. That’s not great UX.

If it were searchable I could save a report “What my team are working on today” and get that info at a glance. That would be a huge help in decision making around whom to assign time sensitive “emergency” tasks that come in.

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I wouldn’t assume that users will necessary have to rebuild their sections in the upcoming My Tasks. They might - I don’t have any inside info here - but it’s also very possible that Asana will automatically create some sections as part of the conversion, to start people off in a way that roughly matches what they have now. We’ll have to wait and see, but I wouldn’t assume the worst!