Ability to reverse order when Sorting by Custom Fields

Was shocked to learn Asana doesn’t have this.

Not being able to sort fields, or create fields that are based on simple formulas/logic (e.g. multiply this numerical field by this other numerical field) are going to make us move to another tool. Time to check out airtable I guess.

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Just now looking at Asana as a potential new user. I’m really surprised I can’t reverse sort my custom number field which I use for a metric of the financial value of a task.

Then I see that 126 other users have requested this. Considering this would be super easy to implement, I wonder if Asana even value their user’s needs?

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Hey @anon31685897 welcome to the Asana community forum!
I completely agree this would be very helpful.

Since Asana does not have a public roadmap I cannot tell if and when this will be implemented.

However, what I can say is that Asana has always been and is constantly listening to their customers and implementing new features. Just have a look at all the features they launched in the last few months and also last year, which includes well-requested ones from the forum.

I have created a very dumb workaround for this problem. My goal was to be able to sort with the most recently created records at the top. It will definitely not work for every situation, but:

  • I created a new custom field, numeric, called AsanaIsDumbSortField
  • I went through the existing records in the project by created date, giving the oldest records a high number. This was tedious and had to be done by hand (though I suppose I could have downloaded to Excel and maybe done it faster).
  • We add new records to this project via CVS upload, so now every time we upload, we can fill in this sort field with the next lowest number.
  • Sorting by AsanaIsDumbSortField will put the lowest number at the top, which will be the most recent records.

Hope this can help someone else as we wait for a fix!

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Bump. 5 years going and would still like this feature!


I’d like to add my voice here. Reverse sorting would be very helpful, and prevent my team and I having to export data to Excel in order to have the view we need to do the work. It also seems like a very quick hit from a development perspective and would make a lot of your consumers very happy.


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This is still relevant 5 years later… Whoever thought the only available sorting of dates should be with oldest first does NOT deserve a gold star!


So funny that I came up with this on my own and was gonna offer it on this forum as the potential ‘jankiest’ solution to this dumb problem, but I see you beat me to it by a year and change.


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: - can’t sort my Number column in descending order
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: - add a “-” before the number?
:roll_eyes: - sort works, all my Versions are “negative”
:expressionless: - i’ve lived with worse compromises…


As the author of:

I can really appreciate what you did there!


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First upvote of 2023. 6 years now. Maybe this’ll be the one?

This would be extremely useful so that my team wouldn’t have to export entire projects just to sort in reverse order.

@Phillip_Fox , @Steven_Ly , welcome to the forum :smiley:
Just to let you know that reverse sorting has been finally released! :partying_face:
If you don’t see it yet, it should be available within the next few weeks to all Asana accounts!


AND multi-filter. I think I hear angels singing!


Please allow us to sort in reverse order

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Hi @David_O_Donovan , if you can’t already do so in your account (just click the header of the field a 2nd time to reverse sort) it should be coming soon!

Thanks Richard. Unfortunately it still just sorts in one direction

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Thank you @Richard_Sather for letting people know about our new feature!
Good news! Multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort are now available to 100%! :partying_face:


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