Ability to request and vote on features from within the Asana platform itself

Our team uses Asana to collaborate on internal operations and external client projects. We are constantly coming up with ideas to improve the product, and listing them in an internal “Asana Wishlist” project which various team members will vote on. Then one person will surface the most critical issues to the Asana Product Feedback forum.

It would be great if, rather than having to login to the forums to request and vote on features, if we could do so from within the Asana platform itself. (Bonus: receiving Browser Notifications for activity on those topics!)

It would save us a great deal of time, and allow us to submit requests, monitor feedback and implement solutions much more quickly and effectively.

Hi @rocketbox and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us! That’s definitely a great idea and while I can’t promise anything today, I hope this is something we can introduce in the future!