Ability to reorder projects via drag/drop removed


As of the latest update, Asana has lost the ability to reorder projects via drag/drop. Now only the predetermined sort options remain. Why lose this functionality? What does that get us? It’s made all of my team boards a mess and those that are less tech-savvy are having difficulty locating certain projects that are not date-driven. I submitted a ticket and was told this is not a bug, it’s a new feature. If so, that’s extremely disappointing, especially as I was looking to add a number of new seats this summer in our new fiscal year.

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Hi @Shaun_Bossio , here is the public announcement in the forum for this feature which is currently rolling it, for the better or worse, for some users. But I understand that this feature is setting the foundations for more things to come to the Team page.

In order to overcome your issue, you need to pin your projects. Once you do so, then you can sort them up/down like you used to.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the reply. Pinning is all well and good when there are a handful of active projects, but I have some teams with 30+ projects on their main page. Not to mention using all of this in the app used to be so user-friendly, but now this has stopped me from using the app entirely. Just passing along the frustrations of my department.

I completely understand the frustration, @Shaun_Bossio . Some of my affected clients that I consult, have also expressed the same.

…which I am sure the Asana team are reviewing here in the forum.
For what it’s worth, we are told that alphabetical sorting will follow shortly.

Btw, here is the public announcement (I edited my reply above to include it now):