Ability to Pin Tasks

This is what I came here to say! We do something similar where we’ll create an example task for others to follow and would love to ensure that task remains at the top.

We also create “time tracking” tasks and typically have a section dedicated to each deliverable (and therefore a time tracking task for each deliverable) and I’d like to be able to pin the time tracking task to the top of each section (that time tracking task also houses instructions and expectations surrounding the deliverable) :blush:

Is there an update on this? The current workaround doesn’t work for my team as we use the board layout.

I would love top pin tasks

+1 to this. Would absolutely love this feature.

Another vote for pinning. C’mon, Asana! Help us out!

I’d also love the option to pin tasks in a Board view, so I’m throwing in my vote!

I also want this feature, I want to pin a ticket in the board view. Super necessary! : )


Agreed, I would love this feature! Especially on board view.

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Adding my vote for this feature! Would absolutely love the ability to pin tasks on board view.