Ability to paste text that includes images

If I want to copy-paste rich text into a story comment - such as from an email - and if that rich text includes an embedded image, the image is not currently copied into my asana story comment.

This request is for Asana to handle the above case.

At the moment Asana will receive the text and strip out the image. I am able to add the image to the story as follows: copy the image on its own from the source email; paste into MS Paint; copy from MS Paint; then paste into my asana story card comment.

However even the above has issues - what results is the image is uploaded and attached to the story and is displayed chronologically before the comment I am editing. I would like for the image to be in-line in the comment. The use case is when a client sends an email with text such as follows:

“To reproduce the problem, step one is click the button shown in the screenshot below”

  • embedded image -

“In the pop-up window, click the following link as shown”

  • embedded image -

“Finally, choose the option highlighted as shown here:”

  • embedded image -

It would be nice to select the email body, paste into Asana and have it reproduced verbatim. No extra clicks and work and additional apps like Paint. No splitting of the content into separate comments/attachments on the story card.

Thanks for your feedback @chris.rehberg! You’re completely right, as it stands it is not possible to paste rich text including embedded images into Asana; hopefully this is something we can implement in the future.

The ability to have pictures included in your comments (as opposed to be attached separately) is a popular request, and I would advise you to add your vote to this existing thread from our #productfeedback category.

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@chris.rehberg I’m battling for this feature long ago. Please vote on this one which has some more votes: