Ability to mark task as complete/incomplete from the board view

Unless I’m missing something, it’s not possible to mark a task as complete or incomplete from the board, you must open it each time. You can’t even do it from the dropdown menu. Please add this functionality!

@Anthony_Marini as I am aware (because I am not a power user of boards), the board view doesn’t support the Complete (⌘↵) of selected tasks because in the Board layout, unfortunately, you are not able to select tasks. I hope some time to fix it

But you can click on the task to open modal and hit (⌘↵) to complete the task and hit esc (if you don’t own a new Macbook pro :P) to return to the board. Not a productive way but this is the only workaround I have to suggest :slight_smile:

(cc @alexis Keep in mind that the in-app Help > Keyboard Shortcuts are not full updated. ♥ selected task instead of like.)

Don’t forget to vote for your suggestion/request!

There are a number of requested improvements to board functionality, but this one is a bit different so I’m leaving it, feel free to read through the others if you’d like:

Thanks for your reply! I find your reasoning curious, however. I can assign a task or set a due date from the board view, no problem. It would just require putting a button on the bottom line, or even putting an additional menu item in the context menu (accessed via the arrow on the bottom right corner of each card). Hopefully this will be resolved soon, since it shouldn’t require moving mountains… :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’d like to, but I hit my limit! Hopefully I’ll get voting rights back soon!

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Hmm, I think you can remove votes from things to get a vote back, I’m not sure how the votes work or if they’re reset? @Alexis since I’m not sure =)

Yes please! This is a key feature for Kinetic-sorting project managers!

Hi eerybody! :wave:t5:

I’m closing this thread since it’s now possible to mark task as complete from the board view!

Have a nice day! :slight_smile: