Ability to manage team when it is set to Private and Admin is not member in the Divisional Admin Console

Some teams that I invited to our organization (or created) that I set to Private are displaying as “Private Team” once I voluntarily left the team. I don’t see a need for this since I am an Admin and should have access to “see” the teams name in our organization.

I voluntary left these teams so they could have their privacy once I set them up. I know previously (before admin console) we had to be a part of a team to invite them to our organization but since the rules have changed, it is nice to let the teams operate on their own without me (an admin) seeing all of their conversations and projects.

In the screenshot you can see the 3 above are ones that I set to private and left, whereas the bottom one I am still on that team.

Is there a setting I can use to display the name of the teams that are set to private that I am not a part of? If not - it would be nice so I don’t accidently kick a team off our account that should be there.

Hi @Cally_McIntyre, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! Do you have access to Edit the teams showing as private? This will allow you to see the team names before removing them.

Hi @Emily_Roman - no, because I removed myself from their teams (for privacy) so the only option I have is to “remove from division”.

I see what you mean, @Cally_McIntyre! This is because you currently have a Division Plan and if you leave the team it will become private to you. I’ve gone ahead and sent your feedback to our product team so they can consider making the name of the teams visible in future updates! I’ll keep you posted once I have any news.

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Cheers! Thanks Emily.