Ability to insert hyperlinks

+1 here. Kinda surprised this is not a thing yet.
To be clear: Asana is an incredible product and the lack of this feature doesn’t make it unusable, at least for me; nor do I agree with the commentary that comes from the angle “I’m a Software Engineer and if you haven’t built this yet you do not take customer feedback seriously”.

That’s ridiculous. I am sure Asana is constantly juggling a swath of priorities, including general product vision / evolution, technical debt, and customer feedback and feature requests.

Yes… it seems that this one should be very simple. And yes, it’s kind of ridiculous it’s still not available. But then again - I’m not seeing how many other customer requests are getting built over time.

So… +1

I quite like Basecamp though it’s a very different product. It has less features but it has all the critical ones (like adding links). Worth trying out both and seeing what is best for your org!