Ability to Hide/Unhide Subtasks



I feel the rigidity of subtask functionality is limiting my ability to work and manage projects efficiently. It’s frustrating enough to have to individually assign subtasks to a project to make them appear on the list/board (where they are very useful), but the inability to either collapse or hide them in calendar or timeline view (where they are less useful) just completely clutters the interface. While I might be able to stand it, I know my team members would benefit from a cleaner timeline view. They do not need to see every other persons’ subtasks in the calendar.

I think a way to automatically have subtasks populate to the project and then simply providing an on/off toggle to show them in whichever view we want would save a monumental amount of time and patience. Please consider!


I think the only answer you will get is that there is already a topic for it and merge it with that …


@Tom_Suberg, are you talking about the nesting sub-task issue? I saw that and definitely support it. I thought this was a slightly nuanced difference in terms of it being view-dependent (for me, I don’t mind seeing all the subtasks on a list, but it’s not great to see them all on the timeline), but maybe I missed a different thread on it.

Thanks for your support! :grinning: