Ability to hide preview of photos in task story

When uploading photos into tasks, is there a way to not view the photo in the comment but simply the file name?
We have multiple photos uploaded into tasks and the photos take up a lot of space. Which clutters up the comments sections and forces us to have to scroll up far in order to view comments.
If this is not possible, is there an alternative? If we connect google drive, will a link show or the images still show?

Welcome to the Forum @Alexis_Aros and thank you for reaching out! :wave:t5:

As it stands, there isn’t a way to hide the image in the task story but uploading an image from Google Drive is actually a great workaround since you won’t see the image but the document’s name.

If it is OK with you I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the #productfeedback to allow other users to upvote this request. Please note that I’ve slightly edited the title to better reflect the idea. I would also recommend you to cast your vote by clicking on the Vote button next to the title.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Have a nice Friday!