Ability to have Tags permissions (public, private)

My team is increasing our use of both tags and custom fields. We’ve noticed that tags created by team members can get our of hand and are often not useful for the group or even confusing.

Our Asana implementation team would love to see permissions added to tags similar to the permissions for custom fields. It would be great for us to have a defined list of tags for the group to use.

Anyone else running into this issue or developed a solution?

If your main concern is having a defined set of tags, perhaps a drop down custom field would be a better solution.

If you still want to use tags and are worried about users creating multiple tags with a similar intent, the best way to mitigate is to have a policy around tag use and creation.
A possible policy would be to have a place to document tags. For example a Project named Tags with a Task for each tag including a description for each tag. Require all users to updated the tag document when they create a new tag. Asana does notify a user when they are creating a new tag.

If you want to know and keep track of the tags that already exist in your organization, @Bastien_Siebman has created a great tool for this.


Yes, I would also see to see more admin level privileges implemented. As the system owner, I keep finding others tweaking the normal settings, including adding more tags.

Hi Asana product team,

Give users the ability to make tags private. In my personal experience, someone at random kept changing my tag name from “Day-to-Day” to “MMPP” without knowing who changed the tag, or why? It is important that I can make my tags private, or even locked, so nobody but me can change the name of the tag so it doesn’t mess up my organization or reports that I am pulling from certain tags.


I agree totally. Also, more tools are needed to manage tags generally. Tagsana may help, and @Bastien_Siebman might even be able to show recently deleted tags, or show who edited a tag.

If people actually use tags, even in a small org, they will multiply quickly.

Thanks Stephanie, indeed my tool can help list tags. At the moment I don’t display deleted tags or who edited it.

Hi @Dillon_Lee, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the future! While we don’t have any plans for private Tags right now, I’ll keep you posted if anything changes :slight_smile:

Hi there, new user.
I am actually having the opposite problem.

If I understand correctly, created tags are available across all projects? Does that mean that everyone in the organization can use them? I created several tags which I can see and use in all projects. However when employee #2 tries to add a tag to a task, he can’t find any of the existing ones. He can create his own tag which I can see and use, but when enters the first letter (or the entire tag name) of a known tag It doesn’t display any options.

I can add any existing tag to the same task he is trying. After I personally have added it to the task, he can then use that tag for other tasks. Is that normal? Is there some weird permissions thing that limits his access or something? (note: I created the tags while in a project that he is not a part of) But does that mean that I am the only one who can add them to other projects as the tag creator? I need my other users to be able to add existing tags to their tasks in any project. Am I missing something?

Please and thank you

Completely agree. The ability to set select tags to private (or have a distinction between public and private tags) would be very helpful. For example, I want to use tags to help organize my own work and how I approach my tasks. However, this is not relevant to my coworkers and I don’t want them to see these tags (to reduce unnecessary clutter for them and to improve my privacy).

Agreed. There needs to be a way for people to individually customize the way they look at the tasks and organize them visually. The tag is a great way to do that, but it being public and linked to the task is a problem. Another option for me would be to allow all of the Fields to be displayed/filtered on the My Task view. That way people can create their own Fields with their own rules and they can be hidden on shared Project views and other views.