Ability to have a Client site overview to display all tasks/projects they are member of

I would like the ability to have a client facing page that is a curated list of tasks/projects that are associated with said client.

Being able to control what Tasks client sees and allow them to interact without needing an account. (Commenting). Options to tune up he tasks to display the info we want them to see. (Due dates, owner, descriptions, comment threads, etc)
This would all be based off the internal projects we are working on which have a the heavier interface. This would not require management of two projects.

Ideally the “client site” is clean, brand customizable, and can work a bit like a landing page. Alternatively or additionally would be fine with taking embed code to a site page we manage.

Project management is all over the place these days and we work with clients across the board and in different industries forcing us to adapt to their systems and still run ours through Asana. So the key here is something simple and no hassle to track the project and more importantly the tasks we assign to them.

Currently I run a client facing google sheet with a task structure from our old milestone tracking process but still a pain to hop between apps every time a new task is issued or completed.

Welcome to the Forum @Bryce_Richardson! :wave:t5: Thank you for providing your feedback with us and for explaining why this would be useful for you! I agree that it would be a great idea to implement in the future! :crossed_fingers:t4:

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