Ability to export timeline into a PDF

+1 this would be useful to share with our clients

+1 Really need this feature.

+1 for this!

As entertaining as it has been reading everyone’s comments over the last 2 years that this has been a topic, it would be pretty useful to know if this is even on the development roadmap.
I’m using screenshots for the timeline, and Asana2Go for other report exports to send to clients.
Believe it or not some people don’t like to go to a web based platform and work out what to look for.
In my last company they stopped using Asana, and not having the ability to export timelines and reports was the major reason for this.

Any updates would be very useful, thanks

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+1 for this being a core piece of functionality

We are using Asana currently to set up project timelines and sometimes present them to Clients. We opted in for a premium subscription as we assumed that export of the timelines is possible (you cannot expect project managers and high-profile decision makers to log in to a web app to have a look at a timeline, so you need to export it). It was shocking for me when I first found that I have to use workarounds to get a simple export done and are thinking of downgrading with our team and start using a separate product which might enable us to do the same thing but in a more accessible way. Looking forward to have this feature available in the future, then we might consider opting back in.

Count me in as one an Asana client/organization that appreciates the Timeline view but needs a clean and functional export.