Ability to export timeline into a PDF

very very disappointed!!!


Agreed, this is very disappointing customer service, and I hope the irony isn’t lost upon anyone that we were given a timeline which is now on ‘pause’… What does that mean? What more do we need to do to get this basic functionality happening? How many likes or comments do we need before action is taken?
It’s certainly unrealistic to ask our clients who need to share timelines with their own internal teams and management, to access Asana to see their project timeline


Advice: If you are using “Print to PDF” as a work around, be sure to check the box that says “Background graphics” otherwise you won’t see the color bars/dates for any of your tasks that are color coded


This is so disappointing. I am trying to spread use of Asana in my organization and one of the first things I was asked about was timelines…It is ridiculous we don’t have this feature yet and having it indefinitely shelved is not the level of service I think anyone on this thread finds acceptable


I will probably switch to a competitor - how can I convince the company to use it if I can’t export the timeline to send it to the main stakeholders? This is one of the first questions I got asked EVERY TIME!


Incredible that it does not exist yet, that is such a basic…

Is there any more updates on this @Marie?

Not at the moment @Greg_Humphrey, but I’ll post here as soon as I have some :slight_smile:

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This is a little out of hand. I’ve been checking in on this issue for 18mo. It’s not reinventing the wheel, and it really limits the functionality of your platform.

I’m dealing with contractors, none of them are interested in using your software, no matter how hard I try. The problem is, now I don’t want to either…


New to Asana, and same story as everyone aboved. Shocked that I can’t pdf a project timeline. Stating the obvious for documentation’s sake, in hopes more volume of concerns expedites the fix.

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Wow that’s eyeopening. I really need to export timelines as PDF to print them out on A0 vor meetings. Seems I need to cancel my subscription and stop advertising it to colleagues and customers.

Does anyone know another product like Asana, but supporting a PDF Export?


Would love to see this functionality too. You can do it, Asana…!! If you finish this update, we will give you :heart: :rainbow: :unicorn:

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voting this up too. I can print but I wish there was a way to have a better print view. For how graphically pleasing Asana is, printing from the brower and seeing irrelevant information to the timeline is a big disappointment! Please add this functionality.

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Marie, it has been two months since your last significant update. Could you please advise the community of Asana’s real intentions about this functionality?

Hi @Russ_Friedson,

I currently don’t have any new updates, which is why I haven’t updated this thread over the last couple of weeks. I know how important this feature request is to many of you, and rest ensured that behind the scenes, I’m continuing to report to our Product team on feedback that I’m seeing in the Forum, including this one!


Appreciate your getting back to us. I think the frustration for the community is not having any sense of a definite commitment by Asana to even make this feature available. It would be great to get a clear “yes” or “no” and, if “yes”,
a targeted release date.

Thank you for your consideration.



Thanks for the follow-up @Russ_Friedson!

To answer your question in a more direct way, this feature request isn’t currently being worked on, but we regularly re-evaluate the situation, so I’m hopeful this is something we will prioritised in the future. When that’s the case, I’ll make sure to share an update in #community-forum-announcements:product-updates and to update this thread!