Ability to export timeline into a PDF

We just upgraded to premium primarily to use timeline. Like everyone else here, surprised to not see this built in. Eagerly awaiting this export/print function.


Is there a release date for this feature yet? Since your post On Oct 22 mentioned “the next couple of weeks” we expected the feature by early November, but it is now mid-November and there has been no update.


@Marie Is there an update for this feature?

Not yet @Adena_Brandt, I’ll post an update here as soon as I have one!


@Marie Do you have an ETA of update so I know when to check back here?


Would certainly be nice to export or print a timeline for non-asana users.

Another +1. This is an extremely important function. We have external stakeholders we need to communicate with – the timeline being a part of this.

Hi everyone,

As I’ve mentioned on this thread a few weeks ago, our team recently started working on a solution to allow you to export and print your timelines. While we’ve made some good progress, we’ve recently discovered significant complexities that are unfortunately going to require a lot more resources than we had initially planned for this feature request. After thoughtfully evaluating all our options (we looked at several alternatives solutions), we’ve made the decision to pause this project to avoid delaying other key projects our team is currently working on. We’re aware that our Community has advocated for this feature request for a long time, and we’ll do our best to re-prioritise it as soon as possible. When we do, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on this thread! In the meantime, please continue to vote for this feature (make sure to click on the “Vote” button at the top of this thread), and more importantly continue telling us why and how it would be useful to you and your team, this is really helpful to help us advocate internally for this feature to be re-prioritised.


I keep checking back on this thread to see if this has been released yet, and have just read the above news - extremely disappointing to say the least. This is such a fundamental requirement for the way our agency works, and my team frequently ask me for it. They end up piecing screen grabs together or recreating plans in Excel to share. The existing workaround of connecting to InstaGantt is clunky (I think I’m being kind there).

I think those that have spent the time to vote and comment on this ‘feature’ deserve a bit more of an explanation than ‘it’s too difficult’. We customers invest huge amounts of time time in rolling out new platforms like this to our teams, and I think Asana need to appreciate that we also get frequent challenges from our staff on why our chosen platforms don’t cover the basics, like in this occasion. Having told my team this feature is imminent, I’m not really sure what to say to them now that wouldn’t reflect badly on the Asana team. It’s now totally open ended and I have little faith this will be implemented within even a year from now, as I scroll back through the history of the thread…


My team frequently need to include a visual timeline of a project or program in a stakeholder presentation or email. A screenshot of the Asana timeline is not good enough. I recently tried out the Preceden timeline creator app and this is exactly what we need here - a simple, clean timeline visualisation that scales neatly.


Oh boy…

Tons of people are requesting this for one and a half years now and you stopped developing it, because it is “too difficult”?
Is there an estimate, when work will start on this feature again?

We are paying both a lot of money for Asana and to get our people started with it and still have to do the workaround (it definitely is not a solution) via instagantt that has a lot of other downsides?

Please make this feature available as soon as possible, as basic import/export should be absolute standard in project management tools…



This is a super disappointment! I’m at a loss for words.


I really need this feature for my project stakeholders. Timelines were one of the main reasons for choosing Asana


I’m very disappointed that this was not completed yet. I signed our team up to the Premium version with the hope this was going to be completed by end of November, based on the Oct 23 comment. Our board could really use a printable version of our timelines rather than trying to provide a join login for them which uses one of our license.


V surprised Asana is lacking this essential project management tool capability.

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  • 1 for this essential feature. I work with a marketing agency and at the outset of every project, we create a project schedule to share with our client. Currently, we use Excel and, instead of firm milestone dates for each project deliverable (branding, collateral material, website for example), include a note similar to “Due 72 hours following Client Approval of ___ [previous task]. Target Date - Month, Day”. We find this necessary because its so common that clients don’t provide the requested responses / approvals by the original target dates, no matter how much we nag. Every time a target date slips, we have to update the entire Excel document and send out a revised schedule.

Using timeline view and dependencies will keep us from having to shuffle a paper calendar while we’re using Excel to create the original schedule. It’ll also help us internally since the dates for dependent tasks should shift when we update them in Asana. But we’re still having to spend many hours keeping our client-facing Excel schedules updated.

It would save so much time if we were able to simply export our timeline view to a .pdf and keep a change log of the different schedule versions we’d exported as the project progresses.

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I’ve Instagantt to be pretty good.

YES PLEASE!!! I just made my whole timeline in Asana and my client wanted to see it and I needed to recreate a Gantt chart in Google sheets, so much extra work.

Even a view only access for people not on Asana of timeline would work if a PDF is too difficult.


Virtually all of my B2B clients have asked me how to do this in Asana and it pains me to send them outside of Asana for a solution. Some use Instagantt, some just go back to Excel (which is usually what we have been working to transition away from for their project management). Most aren’t willing to show their clients the version you get by using print to PDF.

I’m sad every time I check back on this thread when another client asks about it.