Ability to export timeline into a PDF

We need this and it should have been available as a standard feature within Timeline.

As others have said this should really be a standard, how are we suppose to present this to directors etc.


+1! We really need this

+1 it’s a huge negative for me not to have this basic functionality. I just signed up for Asana, but I really need to be able to export Timeline! Shocking you don’t have this.


+1 using a tool that doesn’t allow a project manager to share the project visually other than on a web page is just not really workable. It will hinder my adoption of this tool.

Given this is some months on has this now been fixed. Just set up a project and need to print out the timeline for meeting tomorrow and can’t see how to.

This would be a really useful feature, especially when I need to share or present timelines across departments and with stakeholders. Hope to see this feature soon :crossed_fingers:

@Marie We have just started to use Asana and it’s a big problem for us that we can’t export the timeline in a comfortable way. Can you give an update if it’s on your development roadmap and when to expect the feature to be added? Very disappointing…

Hi folks and thank you so much for your patience, I’m excited to announce that we’ve started building this functionality and should be able to launch it within the next couple of weeks. I will make an announcement in #community-forum-announcements:product-updates and will post on this thread as soon as we’re ready to roll out, but please be aware that this will take a couple of weeks :slight_smile:

Happy Wednesday!


I hope it will be able to filter the tasks ( eg by custum fields, person, between two dates, tags, and so on ) then to print out the filterd tasks and planning.
Thanks for your feedback,


Hi @Filip_Dings and thanks for your reply! Just to set correct expectations, in my latest post I’m only referring to the ability to export and print in PDF, sorting options in Timeline are remaining the same for now (sort by start date, due date or assignee), but if you haven’t already, I would recommend adding your vote to Timeline sorting by custom field and Sorting / Filter options in timeline. Hope this helps!

This is great news! Happy day.

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if i understand it wel, there is no " Filtering" funtion in time line.
It cannot be that difficult to add this funtions.
It is especialy usefull for printen out the time line.
Offen we de not want to print the whole time line but only a part. eg for a subcontracter or for the client.

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@Filip_Dings, I’d recommend adding your vote to Sorting / Filter options in timeline!

I don’t understand. the thread started a year ago with the same reply from Asana. When is this few weeks that you have promised?

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Is there an estimated date as to when this feature will be available?

Any updates on this one @Marie?

Had to redo all my timeline in a Google Spreadsheet this morning. Looks like crap ^^

This addition will be much welcomed and cannot arrive at a better time, for me!

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@Sam_Childs Not just yet, but i’m hoping to have some news to share soon!


This is much needed. Do we have an expected launch date?