Ability to export timeline into a PDF

+1. This should absolutely be a very standard feature for paid users.

Hi Marie
do we know when the next timeline update is - this functionality is really important


Hi @Sharon5 and thanks for reaching out in the Forum.

I don’t have any info on the release of the next version of Timeline just yet, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I know so you’ll be automatically notified!

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Definitely should be standard, surprised a year on and still not enabled :frowning:

This is soon a missing function that might make me move away from Asana … anything within the near future?

Agree with above. Need this asap or will have to look elsewhere.

Wow, I just wasted hours creating a project specifically for the Timeline feature assuming some kind of export to PDF or similar feature would be available for use in meetings, etc. where people who aren’t on the project in Asana may need to have some idea of what the project is and where it’s going. Very disappointed.

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Very surprised to see this issue hasn’t been taken care of given how long people have been asking for it. As a new member of Asana Premium, this is discouraging to the say the least. My team and I are trying this product out but may need to work with another PM tool as sharing our calendar with our clients without granting them access if quite crucial for us. When is the next update and will this function be included?


Jumping in to agree that this is a big problem for me with clients - especially ones that have multi-year (construction, for example) projects. The ability to pdf print timeline in a clean way is critical, and make it far easier for me to recommend Asana over other project management software!


Agreed! Surprise to see that this issue has not been address. It would be useful on various level. I specifically need it for events. I manage everything for the event in asana but work with committee members to achieve certain items. They are not in our organization so they don’t have access to Asana. Would love to be able to pull the “To-Do” list timeline for each event.

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Agree. Hope it will be available soon.

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Or, two-hundred and eight’ed. Seriously, even my dog needs this to happen.

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Also, as so many else, very surprised this doesn’t exist. Not a nice to have, this is a need to have for a professional tool.

I am shocked that I cannot export the timeline to a PDF. This is such a base norm to have on any tool… How could this function not be available? Not sure if I will continue to use this tool, top blocker.

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We know there isn´t. Please confirm that the feature has been put on the road map, this discussion is out of this world. You offer a PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL. Gantt charts and timelines are a must for any project manager, agile or not. Slowly I begin o suspect that you want us to buy that feature from the market and will never come out with it.

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Such a gaping hole in an otherwise great product. +1 PLEASE add this.

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+1 to very surprised

[+1] Desperately needing this feature !

+1 Asana, listen to your community, please make us all happy with an export feature for timelines!


Ugh agreed with all on both of these threads. Just spent HOURS trying to create a timeline for a client outside asana for a client and for presentations… however it is SOOO much easier to build in asana.
Where is this functionality at?