Ability to export timeline into a PDF


Definitely a +1 as well on this.



It is indeed a very basic need for a lot of start-up: Sending a clean PDF calendar to a client.
Looking forward to see if we are going ahead with this product…

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Sharing the timeline and even the task list from Asana to parties outside of the platform is a major challenge. Printing to PDF doesn’t look at good. Otherwise it means duplicating work, producing a less than great looking doc or even using another app. It just doesn’t make sense.



@Royann_Dean, As you probably know, Asana’s own Print doesn’t offer any customizability, and doesn’t work for Timeline.

For Timeline, you could use the browser’s print function (not ideal but something!).

For the sharing of task lists to parties not using Asana that you mentioned, well that’s partly why I created Asana2Go (though it’s an extension, so you’d have to be ok with that).

The app and basic info are there; see also https://medium.com/asana-consulting-trilogi-solutions for more articles and videos on Asana2Go. It offers many built-in print formats and unlimited customizability. This requires some HTML/CSS knowledge. I offer custom reports if you need assistance; contact me by Private Message here or via the links above.



+1 we need that. housemaids, children and CEO need this



+1 for me too. It would be massively helpful.



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Halleluiah! We need a way to embed live views of our timelines into our intranet, and we need to be able to share our timelines within our internal product presentations and marketing docs. This is a huge deal for alot of people. No one wants to have to build an awesome roadmap here and then have to try o re-create it in PowerPoint. Yuck. +10 for this feature!

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We would like to be able to both embed live views of our timelines within our intranet, as well as be able to download them as images for our sales and marketing presentations. Is either option possible within Asana?



Hi @Charisma_Riley,

As it stands, it is not possible to export Timelines, but this is definitely one of our top priority for the next Timeline update! We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve merged your post with this main topic, to gather all feedback on this topic in one place; hope you don’t mind!



This is a must - board and C-level folks want to see the project plans - but they don’t want to have to log in to yet-another-web-service. PDF export of timeline please!