Ability to Edit Project with Team which of Admin is not a member

I’ve run into multiple instances where I have needed to help teams (other than my own) make changes to a project (due to training issues, by request for help, general clean-up because some people are sloppy/don’t know where they save stuff, etc.) It’s frustrating that as an Admin, I am forced to fully join a team to make adjustments to projects within the team.

In some instances, I don’t want to be a full member of the team, though, I want to maintain membership of specific projects only. Once I become a full member the team (to fix the issue), I’m forced to leave ALL projects when attempting to leave the team… which is a complete headache.

Effectively, I want to pop-in, waive my magic Admin wand, pop-out and remain a member of the projects of which I’m involved (but not be a full team member).

Hi @NicoleK, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback with us!

We have a similar request on this topic, could you confirm if you are experiencing the same explained in this thread: Ability to manage team when it is set to Private and Admin is not member in the Divisional Admin Console

Looking forward to your reply!

HI @Emily_Roman, Thanks for your quick response.

The linked thread you provided is somewhat similar to the issue I’m experiencing, though, it appears that they are using the Divisional version of Admin, whereas I am not. Not sure if that makes a difference from a developmental standpoint, but I thought it was pertinent to point out.

Thanks for your help!