Ability to EASILY make a task into a subtask if they're not in the same project so you cannot drag and drop?


If you want to make an existing task into a sub-task, it pretty easy to drag it from a project’s list of tasks if the target parent task is also in that target.

But if the target task is not in that project, this becomes a big problem. For example, even if you do a search to get the target parent and the task you want to move into it in one list, you cannot drag anymore because you’re in a list of search results.

One solution I see would be to be able to choose “Move…” from the “…” menu inside the task you want to change into a sub-task and then browse to or otherwise describe the task you want to make that task into a sub-task of.


Typo. “also in that target.” -> "also in that project.


This would be handy… I really dread using subtasks most times as I’m not pleased with the way they present in the list view or reports.


I’m a big sub-task user so this hurts me when I need to make primary tasks into sub-tasks. This happens to me only perhaps once a month though. :frowning: