Ability to Disable 'Accessibility' Color Palette

On 10.15.20 Asana announced a new Color Palette that would force ALL users to only be able to use the colors Asana designers chose to meet Americans with Disability Act (ADA) contrast guidelines. New! Updated customizable color palette for better accessibility - #79 by Jen_Antelope

In the process, this decision forced ALL Asana users to have to deal with distracting, unproductive and unhelpful colors within their existing Asana workflows.

I would like Asana to give us the OPTION to enable or disable this new Accessibility color palette, much in the same way we can currently enable or disable the ‘Color Blind Friendly Mode’ using Profile Settings > Display > Enable color blind friendly mode.

Please see the comments in the referenced Asana Announcement and following conversation thread for other ideas related to this feedback. Thanks.

Here here. This has been a huge problem for us as well; we had a perfectly color coordinated IRL calendar system that no longer matches our project colors. This after being so happy with the previous palette, as it included the basic ROYGBV options.

An option to disable these new colors would be a big improvement; I’m sad to say we’ve been looking around at other project management services, afraid that more of these “accessibility” features will be forced on us down the road. Please make them optional!


Yes, please Asana… Those new colors and horrible black text on tags & calendar are ruining the experience of your amazing app AND hurting our eyes. I can’t look at the calendar anymore and it’s the page I spend most of my time on. Literally 100% of the feedback on the original forum post are against the new harsh colors and we’re all asking for the possibility to chose between the normal mode and accessibility mode. Please please please.


Saw that there was an Asana update today and was really hoping this was one of the issues they had solved. But no, this doesn’t seem to be a priority for them.


Asana seems to be getting out of touch with sensibility and their users. As big a proponent as I’ve been of Asana… (I’m the one who investigated, tested, deployed, advocated and encouraged Asana for our entire company back in Nov 2019), I am discouraged with Asana Dev regarding this completely unnecessary and force-fed color change - there are so many other less punitive ways this could have been accomplished. While this complete unwillingness of Asana to look for a solution on the colors is not a dealbreaker in the actual results, it is leading me to wonder about other solutions. Yes, people enjoy Asana less because of the obnoxious colors, but they can still use it. I very much try to avoid ‘greener grass syndrome’, but when a company is this unwilling to consider solutions that address the needs of the majority of users, I have to wonder what else will be affected in the future…


I had commented on the previous thread several months ago, and I had to come back to say I still hate this new color scheme. We used extensive color coding and it is such a mess. Pick a palette that keeps the text color consistent across the color tags - the switch between white text and dark text within the color tag or project or person is so distracting it makes it difficult to make sense of anything. How about a color picker, or color themes that at least have colors that go together and can use a consistent text color on the background color


As an Administrative Assistant for a Creative Department (I also have severe ADHD), I relied heavily on the fact that “Color Blind Mode” was also used for the color scheme of Custom Fields.

The new color update has majorly hindered my ability to track our team’s work. It’s no longer completely accessible, to be quite frank. My team has even experienced the weight of this difficulty for me (ie. decreased ability to be able to be locked in on tracking Custom Fields) in light of the change Asana has made.


Still no news about this? Please Asana, do us all a favour :blush:


I’m sorry to say that even after four months, I still haven’t gotten used to this awful color palette. Asana, please do us a favor and finally give us a color picker. What’s the problem?


Wow. Still nothing from Asana on what seems to be a straightforward fix to the problem Asana created. Give users choice in color palette OR give those who want the new ‘accessibility’ palette the option to enable it, but allow the rest of us to leave that new palette disabled and use the original palette again. Please.


I’m still really bummed about these color options. I see some minor tweaking was done without mention by the dev team. There is still no forest green, and the red is a pastel pink. Why so few color options?! Why such terrible color options?!

Wow. STILL nothing from Asana on what seems to be a straightforward fix to the problem Asana created. Give users choice in color palette OR give those who want the new ‘accessibility’ palette the option to enable it, but allow the rest of us to leave that new palette disabled and use the original palette again. Please.

They’ve done it again, and unbelievably they’ve made the colors worse! LINK :nauseated_face:

What is stopping Asana from giving users the option to choose from a FULL hex palette?

It seems like something is seriously wrong in the Asana development pipeline…

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If you want to support a solution to this ongoing problem of a forced and frequently changed 16 color palette, please vote here:
Custom hex colors

I’m not sure it will do anything, but maybe you can vote your frustration out?

Thank you so much! We have the same situation on our team. We are mostly ADHD and both myself and our Creative Director rely heavily on color-coded visuals in order to be able to work. This change has put extra strain on my brain – a brain that is already under extra pressure. I wish Asana would just create custom hex codes. I don’t see why it would be so difficult considering the number of other companies that have already done so.

Asana, if you care about accessibility, then that means accessibility for everyone, not just one group of people. Thank you so much for bringing this up @Jessica_Papen